Saturday, 1 October 2011

First Time Out

Having discretely dressed in his best heels and some new stockings, Ted decided to go out for the first time. He chose a quite area, he parked his car and opened the door. He thrilled as the cold air blew across his stockings, it was so sexy, so dangerous, he couldn't be found like this but he stepped out of the car and stood up straightening his skirt and getting used to his heels on uneven ground.

Ted walked away from his car, he was doing it: outside, dressed as a woman; his heart was beating he thought it might burst. His stockings made a wonderful zipping sound as they brushed against one another, the wispy skirt was like wearing nothing at all in the cool evening.
This was enough, he was getting too nervous, he turned to go back to his car.

As he opened the car a guy grabbed him by the wrist, "Say, what do we have here?"

He made a grab up Ted's skirt, "Hey, you're a guy! Are you some kind of faggot?"

"No, I'm a crossdresser", Ted admitted for the first time in his life.

"You look like a faggot to me, open the trunk."

As Ted opened the trunk of his car the guy pushed him in backwards, and forced his legs apart.

"You dress like a faggot around here you're gonna be treated like one."

"Please, don't you can't do this."

"Oh yes I can", and at this the guy smeared his cock with lube and thrust it deep into Ted's virgin ass.

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