Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Change of Scenery

"Are you sure you don't mind Tim? I'm pretty sure that guy at the bar will fuck me right now, but are you cool with that?"

"That was the deal honey, you cross-dress me as a tarty blond and we go and you fuck a stranger while I watch."

"Let me have another sip of wine, I'm so nervous Tim, this is such a turn on."

"I'll go and fetch him, you stay here honey."

"Excuse me sir, my friend is out the back and really likes you, she want's you to fuck her on the premises."

"I'd fuck you too lady, where's your friend?"

"She's through there. I just want to watch."

Soon the guy was banging Tim's wife while Tim walked around the pair of them as this guy's enormous cock stretched his wife's pussy like he never had. His wife gasped for breath as she was hit by her first orgasm.

The guy pulled out and turned his wife to face him and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around him as sank onto his cock. Her whole weight impaling her on this stud and squeezing her clit like never before. She gasp again. She was utterly powerless, this guy could do whatever he like and all she could do was keep cumming.

Tim turned his back on them to expose his raging hard-on. He started rubbing himself as his wife was being fucked like a rag doll behind him. He never expected anything like this. He was so turned up and jerked his own cum against the wall just as the stud unloaded deep inside his wife.

He got his cock away just in time for the guy to lay his wife down.

"She'll be OK in a few minutes", he said, "Nice fuck baby, when you're next in we'll do it again." He put his pants on and walked out.

"Fucking hell, I've never been screwed like that before Tim. Take me home and make love to me gently Timmy. This hard screwing is very exciting, but is too exhausting and hurts. I want you to hold me gently. Oh, and lets stay dressed like this."

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  1. creative in the way you ended it. In the end, the wife still needs to be caressed and held. I wonder if this will lead to his male role to be decreased gradually. Beautifully done.


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