Friday, 14 October 2011

A Change of Jobs

Ted was loving this. His wife and her two sisters had persuaded him to dress as a girl. He put up a token resistance, but in reality he couldn't believe his luck. They then decided to all go out for a picnic.

Ted was quite good on heels because he had been wearing them for years, but he made a point of stumbling now and again to pursued the ladies he wasn't an expert.

"Right get him girls!", his wife suddenly cried as she grabbed his arm. Her sister lifted up his skirt and grabbed an ankle putting Ted off of his balance.

"Take the picture now!", there was a flash and the girls all cheered.

"OK Ted, we all know you like to wear stockings, and look pretty, so here's the deal. My sisters and I want to go to work to earn real money, so we want you to give up your job and become our maid. You'll still get to fuck me, but I'll be the bread-winner and you will be the home maker. We'll keep you in a good supply of stockings, we've bought a set of corsets and uniforms already that we think you will like. You might not like the fact they lock on so they can't be removed or the fact that you'll also have to wear a chastity device - that's so you don't spend all day jerking off when you should be working. Oh and didn't I mention that you don't really have much choice, this photo will be sent around to all of your friends and family if you decide not to. So wadda ya say? It'll be fun."

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