Saturday, 29 October 2011

Reluctant Model

Rick's wife was a glamour photographer and she had found him wearing some of the lingerie that she used for her models. To teach him a lesson she blackmailed him into being completely made-up and dressed.

"OK Now drop the dress on the floor Rick."

"Look, this has gone far enough honey."

"Oh there's a long way to go still Ricky dear. You like wearing my model's sexy hose, the you jolly well wear them properly. Now I'm going to get a photo-shoot out of you for the magazine. Nothing sordid, just some pin-up work. It'll be our secret. Now start posing or what I already have in the camera will be e-mailed to everyone I can think of."

"Now we both know this is a turn on for you, so lets do it. Just make sure your cock stays well tucked back."

New Light on a Family Friend

Lady's Maid

"That'll be Ted at the door. Now Ricky darling, be a good little hubby and give this corset one last pull, I want to look good for Ted."

"You must watch us fuck again, but do not play with yourself, it was so embarrassing last week when you spurted over Ted and me."

"He didn't find out darling mistress, I managed to lick it off you both without Mr Teddy noticing."

"I'm not taking the risk. Now tie off those laces and pass me a robe."

Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Change of Scenery

"Are you sure you don't mind Tim? I'm pretty sure that guy at the bar will fuck me right now, but are you cool with that?"

"That was the deal honey, you cross-dress me as a tarty blond and we go and you fuck a stranger while I watch."

"Let me have another sip of wine, I'm so nervous Tim, this is such a turn on."

"I'll go and fetch him, you stay here honey."

"Excuse me sir, my friend is out the back and really likes you, she want's you to fuck her on the premises."

"I'd fuck you too lady, where's your friend?"

"She's through there. I just want to watch."

Soon the guy was banging Tim's wife while Tim walked around the pair of them as this guy's enormous cock stretched his wife's pussy like he never had. His wife gasped for breath as she was hit by her first orgasm.

The guy pulled out and turned his wife to face him and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around him as sank onto his cock. Her whole weight impaling her on this stud and squeezing her clit like never before. She gasp again. She was utterly powerless, this guy could do whatever he like and all she could do was keep cumming.

Tim turned his back on them to expose his raging hard-on. He started rubbing himself as his wife was being fucked like a rag doll behind him. He never expected anything like this. He was so turned up and jerked his own cum against the wall just as the stud unloaded deep inside his wife.

He got his cock away just in time for the guy to lay his wife down.

"She'll be OK in a few minutes", he said, "Nice fuck baby, when you're next in we'll do it again." He put his pants on and walked out.

"Fucking hell, I've never been screwed like that before Tim. Take me home and make love to me gently Timmy. This hard screwing is very exciting, but is too exhausting and hurts. I want you to hold me gently. Oh, and lets stay dressed like this."

Home at Last

Jon's wife was divorcing him. She had found another man and wanted to start a new life with him, these things happen all the time. She also wanted a large settlement and was prepared to do anything to get it.

What was unusual was that she intended to blackmail Jon to settle for 80% of their estate. Jon was annoyed about this because it was her who had cheated and her who had a new life waiting for her, but she had some photographs of him wearing her underwear which he thought he kept in a private account on the computer.

Jon had a plan, he invited his friends and family around to dinner one evening. After serving them all a wonderful meal and expensive wine he rung his glass and stood up.

"My Friends and family. As you all know, Jane and I are getting a divorce. Jane has found a man she loves and I want her to be happy. I'll find another girl soon enough; but now I want to tell you all something. I have kept a secret since I was a small boy, and I don't want to keep it any more. I'm a transvestite, I like to cross-dress."

"Is that all Jon, I thought you had murdered somebody." Everybody laughed.

"Well come on Jon, we want to see."

"But it'll take an hour to get ready properly."

"That's OK, there's plenty of this lovely wine left. You scoot upstairs, slip into something comfortable and come down and show us the hidden side of you."

So Jon went upstair and decided to make a supreme effort. He did everything just right. Well over an hour later he slid the doors open and walked to his friends who had stopped talking and just looked at him with open mouths. There was a wolf whistle which broke the silence and then one person then everyone started clapping.

"Jon, you look fabulous, sit down and have a glass of this wine before it's gone."

Jane's blackmail plan was a flop, she ended up with nothing when Jon threatened to report her blackmailing to the cops. "After all, cross-dressing isn't illegal and blackmail is."

Jon is now living a perfect life. He can dress as a man or woman as he feels. Jon has started dating one of his friends, Pat, whose husbands had recently left her. She was at the party and was cool about his cross-dressing and was happy to go out with him as either boy or girl.

"So, what would have happened if 'd come down looking like a bloke in fishnets that night?" Jon asked Pat as they sat watching the fire one evening.

"I don't know Jon, we all knew you too well and I don't think that was ever going to be the case."

Coming Out

"Ah - Mum ... Why am I in your room, why am I wearing your clothes, why am I wearing a wig and make-up. All very good questions and for the moment I don't have a very good answer ... except ... hell Ma, I like it, I like looking like a girl, I like the feel of silky underwear ... there, I've said it, I'm a transvestite Ma."

"Well you could have said Dear, it's OK, you look really nice, but now you are open about it I can help. We can choose you some nice clothes and I'll show you some make-up tips. I've always wanted a daughter and this is like having a son and daughter all in one. We'd better not tell your father though, he wouldn't understand. It'll be our secret."

Friday, 21 October 2011

Eves Dropping

Tom was stuck in the kitchen in his wife's underwear. His wife and her boss had turned up unexpectedly and were now making out on the sofa in the next room.

All Tom could do was listen to his wife scream with delight as she was pounded and wait until they finished and left.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Dangers of a Camera Phone

"Hi, Richard speaking."

"Richard honey, it's Judy, remember I'm going to be home a little later today because I'm going to the hair salon. We'll go out to eat."

"By the way you look stunning honey, no need to get changed before I get back, I'd love to see the whole thing. Ciao!"

Richard suddenly realized that the forward looking camera on his phone was switched on.

Unexpected Pleasure

Jim had been caught dressed up by his step-father, and now he was having to pay the price of his silence. He knew he was straight and found this disgusting, but was now getting very aroused. The thought that his step-father, also a straight guy found him sexy enough to want oral sex, the clicking of his heels as he struggled for balance, the brushing of his nylon covered legs as the rubbed against each other. He was so turned on and so confused.

Double-Cross Cuckold

The deal was that Mike could watch his wife getting nailed if he pretended to be a sexy girl so as not to put off her new stud of a boyfriend. This, was not a part of the deal. Mike was helpless to resist as he was pulled to the floor and the guy's cock still wet and sticky with his wife's juices slid effortlessly up his ass. He gasped in pain and shock. He begged the guy to stop but he carried on pounding him with his wife sitting playing with her clit smiling at him.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Dancing Lessons

When the boys were asked if they would go to dancing lessons with them, they were expecting line-dancing or at worst ballroom. They were pretty shocked when they found out, but soon go into it. It was a tremendous success, they were fitter, and were as they and their wives were horny as hell after a show; and they now they perform all over the state. Meet, Tina, her husband Bob, Annie and husband Dick, Jack and his wife Molly and their friend Jess. Jess felt a little left out at first, but the couples all let her join in and there was no jealousy.

A Change of Jobs

Ted was loving this. His wife and her two sisters had persuaded him to dress as a girl. He put up a token resistance, but in reality he couldn't believe his luck. They then decided to all go out for a picnic.

Ted was quite good on heels because he had been wearing them for years, but he made a point of stumbling now and again to pursued the ladies he wasn't an expert.

"Right get him girls!", his wife suddenly cried as she grabbed his arm. Her sister lifted up his skirt and grabbed an ankle putting Ted off of his balance.

"Take the picture now!", there was a flash and the girls all cheered.

"OK Ted, we all know you like to wear stockings, and look pretty, so here's the deal. My sisters and I want to go to work to earn real money, so we want you to give up your job and become our maid. You'll still get to fuck me, but I'll be the bread-winner and you will be the home maker. We'll keep you in a good supply of stockings, we've bought a set of corsets and uniforms already that we think you will like. You might not like the fact they lock on so they can't be removed or the fact that you'll also have to wear a chastity device - that's so you don't spend all day jerking off when you should be working. Oh and didn't I mention that you don't really have much choice, this photo will be sent around to all of your friends and family if you decide not to. So wadda ya say? It'll be fun."

Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Special School

"Well, welcome to the Sissy Academy Master Smith. My name is Deputy Headmistress Andrew Brown, although I prefer Andrea. As you know, this is a special boarding school that turns young men who like wearing their Mummy's stockings into young women ... who still like to wear stockings."

"We have a 5 year programme, running courses from fashion, make-up, voice training, deportment and etiquette to giving men the most exquisite pleasure. You will be taking a full course of hormones and there will be a number of operations that will mark your progress through the school."

"Since girls in the first 3 years still have certain male hem hem 'assets', you will be expected to help the senior girls in some of their studies - I'm sure you will not find this too unpleasant."

The New School Uniform

"Mummy, can I wear this today please? Pleeeease Mummy, pleeeease?"

"Joe! What on earth are you dressed like that for?"

"Mummy, I think these clothes are much nicer than my usual school uniform. Can I wear this Mummy please?"

"Joe, no. They are girls clothes."

"But Mummy, I thought we have to be treated the same. The girls at school can wear pants, I want to wear silky clothes, heels and a skirt. It wouldn't be fair if I couldn't."

"It isn't what men do Joe. It isn't manly."

"I don't what to be manly Mummy, I love these clothes, I love the way the feel, I love the way I look. Mummy, I have to wear these - they make me look and feel what I am."

"Before we go to school Joe, I want you to talk with my therapist, if he thinks it's OK you can start wearing these things to school."

The Divorce

Ron gasped as his Facebook page loaded. There was a picture of him last time he was dressed up. He hadn't taken any photos. His wife must have used the security cameras.

He read the caption.

"I love to wear by wife's clothes and get made-up like a pretty woman."

Most of the comments seemed favourable, even his boss had liked the post. But the final post was from his wife giving him the phone number of her divorce attorney.

The Trial

"Yes dear, they are rivets in the shoes - they're not coming off any time soon, so you had better look after those pantyhose otherwise you'll be walking around like some kind of slut. The wig is glued on, so are the false titties and fingernails. Oh - and the makeup is permanent, so will last about 3 weeks even if you scrub hard every day."

"Why? Isn't it obvious why? You've been wearing and snagging my pantyhose and stockings since you were a small boy, and now you're wearing my shoes and dresses. Frankly, I'm getting a big annoyed. It either has to stop or we get you a sex change - you get to try out as a girl for the next 3 weeks."

"Of course your friends will find it funny - but you're actually pretty hot, so it won't take them long to accept you. Now get your coat on, stop complaining and get to school."

New Role

James's role was now to stimulate his wife's tits while she was fucked by her latest boyfriend. He hated being a cuckold husband, and he was so humiliated having to pretend to be a maid waiting on her, but he loved to see her orgasm over and over and this made it worth while.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Intolerant Parents

Rick was distraught, his parent's flight was cancelled and they can home to find him all dressed and made-up. His father had called his a faggot and his mother called him a little pervert. They told him it was about time he found a flat and to leave.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Advanced Training.

"Mummy, I don't want to, it's very big and I'm such a delicate little girl."

"Jimmy dear, it's a mystery of life that big rough boys like little gentle girls, and delicate little girls like you find big tough men attractive. They are so strong and take good care of us."

"Will he hurt me Mummy?"

"No dear, it'll be wonderful, now do what we have been practicing and everything will be just fine."

Tables Turned

The night which started out as some kinky fun with his wife had quickly got out of control. They thought it would be fun to dress up real tarty and go to a bar.

Nick's wife had instantly been hit on by a guy and she started flirting. She then left with the guy and whispered to Nick - "Get a lift home, but not to soon hun."

He was left in the bar on his own with a skirt not long enough to cover his stocking tops. He had no idea how to get out of this one, and hell, his wife was going back to their place to get nailed by a stranger. He had an idea.

"Any one of you boys want to join me and my friend in a foursome?"

He picked a guy in the line that had formed and gave him the address.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Revenge Gone Wrong

Peter woke up, he had been drugged, and now it dawned on him that he was completely trapped. His male clothes had gone, his heels were padlocked on, he was sewn into the little black dress he liked to see his wife wear so much.

There was a note on the side from his wife:

"You so much as snag one of those stockings, or brake a nail and you will spend you whole life like this. I want you to see what it's like to try to look pretty every day. If you learn to appreciate me then I might just give you your manhood back."

The trouble was - he was pretty tuned on by the whole thing and wasn't sure he wanted to have his manhood back.

After all, his ankles were as pretty as his wife's. In fact, his legs were probably better.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Guard Helps Out

Ted was travelling in a railcar when an incredible guy walked in.

"Is the carriage taken Miss?"

"No, please."

He wasted no time, after a few pleasantries he began to pet with Ted. His hand was creeping up his stockinged thigh, and suddenly Ted's cock and balls were in his hand.

"What have we here, I like a girl with balls."

They had just started to have sex when the guard entered on hearing Ted's screams.

"Be brave Miss, I have your hand it'll be fine, he's half way in already. Once you have had this man you will be able to take any. Push Sir, she wants you Sir."

"It's no good guard, I'm full already. Arrrrrgghhh!! I'm cumming now, Mmmphh and again, oh God, it hurts and it's wonderful."

"He's all the way in now Miss, he'll start to pound you next."

"Mmmmphh, oh God, I've cum again my cock is so hard, don't let him stop guard."

"FuUuUuUuUuUck - it's like being rammed by a machine. Arrgghh I've cum again."

"Don't worry about the carpet Miss, I'll clean that up later."

Changing positions Ted looked at the guard.

"I think we can manage now guard."

He eased himself back onto the enormous stud without so much as a whimper.


A year on, Michelle has had her operation. She is still living with her mother and aunt Susan.

Michelle had not yet found herself attracted to men, she still preferred the company of women, and this was concerning her mother.

They decided on a course of orgasm therapy. They inserted a remote controlled vibrator into Michelle's pussy and then fitted her with a locked chastity device that prevented the vibrator from being removed.

They then started to give her a series of photographs. The pictures of women left the vibrator off, pictures of hunky guys activated the vibrator, and the harder she stared at the photographs, the faster the vibrator was turned up.

After 4 weeks of intense training, they took her out and as she looked at men the vibrator was switched on. If she flirted, it went faster, and if she allowed herself to be touched by a man she was given a jolt at maximum speed.

The training was complete. That evening, her mother caught her staring at a photo of a hunky English rugby player with her vibrator on maximum. She was a little embarrassed to be caught, but his mother praised her for being a good little girl.

Stuck for a While.

"That was fun sweetie, we'll have to play this game again some time. Can you loosen this corset now, and I can't seem to find the zipper on these boots."

"I haven't been completely honest with you honey, the boots weld themselves to the wearer, they are very comfortable, but you will have to wear them for the next week or so. The same with the corset."

"I can't stay in for a week or two! Get these things off of me."

"They won't come off honey, look, lets make the most of it. We can hang out as a couple of girls for the next week."

"But I look like the dominatrix from hell!"

"We'll put a long skirt on you, or a pair of jeans and nobody will know. And besides, you really turn me on dressed like that. It shows off you lovely buns beautifully."

"I am kinda hot. So you find me attractive dressed like this?"

"I do actually, I have a lesbian thing for a while at college and never completely grown out of it."

An Inconvenience

"Mummy, it's got hard again, how can I stop it Mummy, I want to be a girl like you and auntie Susan. It's since you showed me how to wear these lovely nylons and heels that it keeps happening. I can't wear these pretty skirts outside because it's always getting hard."

"Don't worry dear it's quite natural. Auntie Susan will kiss it in her special way to make it go away."

"I like it when Auntie Susan does that Mummy. Will she do that after I've had it taken away?"

"No dear, when you come out of hospital you won't have this problem any longer; but uncle Jim will then be able to show you how he makes auntie Susan happy. You will like that very much."

"I'm looking forward to that Mummy."

Going Into Business

Michael woke with a start. The last thing he recalled was his wife saying she wanted to leave him for another guy. It was then the lights went out.

"Michael Darling, or as I will now call you Michelle. Ted and I have made some changes. Oh where are my manners, this is Ted, he's been screwing me now for over a year and we are to be married. Aren't you happy for us? Yes, of course I'm free to marry him. But of course, you haven't heard - you are dead I'm afraid, a car accident, you were horribly burned - I couldn't even identify the body, I was so upset. As I was saying, I've made some changes. You now have a cute little pussy and some rather spectacular titties, you look very pretty. I've been pumping you full of female hormones too, you should be the horniest little tart of the planet right now; but I've tied you up so you can't play with yourself. You'll be begging me to let guys fuck you, and that, as it happens, is my money-making plan. I am going into the whore-house business darling, very classy, very discrete and you will be my first girl. If everything goes well Ted and I will be very rich indeed."

Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Start of the Change

"Sally dear, you look so sweet. I want you to learn to enjoy dressing like this."

"I like doing things that make you happy mummy, but I feel a little silly."

"Do you like the stockings Sally, they are so smooth. Don't you like them on your legs now we have waxed them?"

"The waxing hurt Mummy, but the stockings sure feel soft and smooth on my legs, I guess it was worth it."

"Now you're getting older you've probably notice the boys are getting bigger and hairier."

"I have Mummy, and they call me names because I'm not. Mummy, I don't want to be a big man, they are so ugly fight a lot."

"Don't worry Sally, I have been giving you girl hormones."

"You will always have smooth skin and it won't be long before you will get a wonderful soft pair of tittys. We will change schools so you can be with other girls. Would you like that?"

"I think so Mummy, will I be able to wear silky clothes like this?"

"Not during the day Sally, these are special, but you will be able to wear a skirt and nylons when you get a little older."

Too Excited

Suddenly Jim realised what he had done. He had got carried away in his sister's leotard and tights, but now he was going to have to wash them and get them dry before she found out.

A Bet

The bet was that Jim couldn't make it through the park without being recognised as a man. Jim stood to win $1000 from all the guys in the bar.

Jim chose to go as a smart business woman, he reasoned that he would blend in with the women from the local offices having a lunchtime walk.

Halfway through the park Jim had to rest, the heels were hurting his feet.

As he sat there a man walked up and complemented him on his legs. Jim looked up but said nothing. He wasn't sure how to react, and he couldn't speak because it would give him away.

He looked the other way and adjusted his skirt.

The man sat down next to him.

"Stockings - nice."

Jim looked down and saw the top of his thigh exposed. He pulled the skirt down and walked off as quickly as he could. Not far now and the $1000 would be his, but there was this guy following him.

As he got to the edge of the park his pals were watching him, and as he passed through the gates of the park he turned round and told the guy following him to fuck off in his manliest voice.

His friends fell about laughing as they all drove away leaving the man amazed and Jim $1000 better off.

First Time Out

Having discretely dressed in his best heels and some new stockings, Ted decided to go out for the first time. He chose a quite area, he parked his car and opened the door. He thrilled as the cold air blew across his stockings, it was so sexy, so dangerous, he couldn't be found like this but he stepped out of the car and stood up straightening his skirt and getting used to his heels on uneven ground.

Ted walked away from his car, he was doing it: outside, dressed as a woman; his heart was beating he thought it might burst. His stockings made a wonderful zipping sound as they brushed against one another, the wispy skirt was like wearing nothing at all in the cool evening.
This was enough, he was getting too nervous, he turned to go back to his car.

As he opened the car a guy grabbed him by the wrist, "Say, what do we have here?"

He made a grab up Ted's skirt, "Hey, you're a guy! Are you some kind of faggot?"

"No, I'm a crossdresser", Ted admitted for the first time in his life.

"You look like a faggot to me, open the trunk."

As Ted opened the trunk of his car the guy pushed him in backwards, and forced his legs apart.

"You dress like a faggot around here you're gonna be treated like one."

"Please, don't you can't do this."

"Oh yes I can", and at this the guy smeared his cock with lube and thrust it deep into Ted's virgin ass.

No Way Out

After the excitement and an incredible orgasm comes the regret. Richard had soaked his mother's best lingerie, white blouse with his cum. He had snagged her brand new pair of silk stockings, he had got her make-up all over the towels in the bathroom and the bath was full of his leg hair.
He sat on the sofa wondering what to do, she would be in in 10 minutes and he didn't even know how to get the mascara off.

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