Friday, 5 August 2011

Social Experiment

An experimental correction unit has been created to attempt to reform street gang members by making them spend a year as a woman. They get changed back if they behave the whole year; or they can leave whenever they like as a woman.

"Hey Tony, you know they haven't done a half bad job on us. I love this blonde hair, I feel really sexy, how about you?"

"Pipe down Joe, we just have to put up with this for a year and we'll be back out, now quit fooling around with that mirror."

"I'm being serious Tony, I really like looking like this, and I have a great body too, let me show you."

"What are you doing Joe, you'll get us caught and its only day 1."

"Don't you think I've got a hot body Tony, you're a bit of a looker yourself, come on lets see."

"Fuck! Look at my tits, they're incredible."

"Mine too Joe, you know I don't think I want to change back. The old gang won't recognise us, we could start fresh."

"Look at the results doctor, our first two patents are discharging themselves after just one day. This is going to be a big success. "

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