Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Mother's Lesson

Jake's mother had caught his wearing her pantyhose, but she didn't seem mad. She helped him dress in some shiny boots and little short skirt, she found him a wig and put on make-up and manicured his nails.

He was loving it. He felt himself so lucky to have an understanding mother.

Then the doorbell rang, it was Suzy his girlfriend from school.

"Is Jake home?"

"No, come in Suzy, take a seat? Meet my niece Penny."

"Hello Penny."

"Now Suzy, we're all girls together, let me just say you have an amazing body."

"Thank you Mrs Carter. You have a terrific figure too."

At this point his mother started getting it on with his girlfriend.

"Don't worry about Penny there, she'll just watch, won't you Penny dear."


  1. Great cap! So far 4 people have answered "Been There" to your poll for this caption. I'd love to hear their stories.


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