Sunday, 8 May 2011

Point Proved

"Well you won't find me getting off on some guy in a dress" said David who was with a bunch of guys drinking round Rick's house.

"Some Transvestites are very convincing Dave", said Rick, I bet you'd find some of them attractive.

"No way - I'm as straight as they come, it won't happen".

Rick disappeared for over an hour then slid into the room in heels, stockings and the shortest silk dress you've ever seen. His makeup was stunning. He looked like a gorgeous chick.

"OK Dave, you sit there and don't get a boner." He then looked Dave in the eye and started stroking his silky clothes.

"I detect a bulge there Dave, I thought you were straight"

"Shit Rick, what have you done to yourself? "

"Oh, some of us guys have a secret little hobby. You can join is if you like."

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