Monday, 30 May 2011


John's head was swimming as he came to. The last thing he remembered was his wife hitting him with a vase over the head when she confronted him about having an affair. He remembered her telling him she would get her own back. He was so tired, he couldn't move, but he felt a strange cool tingling sensation on his chest. He wondered how long he'd been out and what his wife would do in revenge for his cheating.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Forced Feminization

Jack's forced feminization was going to plan. He tried to resist, but every male thought and desire was rewarded with pain, whilst feminine thoughts were rewarded with intense sexual pleasure. Now was the ultimate trial, he was hung with tight binding on his wrists. Relief would only come if he agreed to a full sex change. The pain was unbearable, and a soft reassuring voice describing the intensity of orgasms he will have as a woman filled his mind with longing. only 3 hours later he was begging for the operation.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Caught by his Mother

"Richard, I warned you before that if I caught you wearing my clothes I would make you go to school dresses in them, so come on then, you want to where my best lingerie you can. Put on this shirt and this blouse and come with me."

Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Secret's Out

"Ah - honey, I can explain ... well ... actually I can't explain. Well its like this..."

"Don't worry Ted, you look lovely. Get a dress on and we'll have a girls night out. I've known about your secret for a while, I love the pictures you take of yourself."


Jane was fine with her husband Tom crossdressing, but she wished he wasn't such a flirt when they had visitors.

Joining the Club

David, alias Wendy, had gone cross-dressed to a lesbian club and had been invited to go to their place have a little fun by three lovely ladies completely fooled by his disguise.

When the all started to undress, he said he was a little shy and would like to keep his clothes on for a whle, they were happy for him to get into it slowly.

"Do me with a strap on Wendy", one of the girls shouted, so Dave obliged but with his own.

Suddenly another of the girls screamed. "Marcia, Wendy's fucking you with a real cock! Wendy's a guy!"

Marcia was groaning with pleasure, "Just make sure she doesn't stop until I've cum. Then we'll teach him to fool around with us."

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Point Proved

"Well you won't find me getting off on some guy in a dress" said David who was with a bunch of guys drinking round Rick's house.

"Some Transvestites are very convincing Dave", said Rick, I bet you'd find some of them attractive.

"No way - I'm as straight as they come, it won't happen".

Rick disappeared for over an hour then slid into the room in heels, stockings and the shortest silk dress you've ever seen. His makeup was stunning. He looked like a gorgeous chick.

"OK Dave, you sit there and don't get a boner." He then looked Dave in the eye and started stroking his silky clothes.

"I detect a bulge there Dave, I thought you were straight"

"Shit Rick, what have you done to yourself? "

"Oh, some of us guys have a secret little hobby. You can join is if you like."

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