Thursday, 21 April 2011

Made to Watch

"Watch me you little sissy, watch this real man make me cum. You fucking little creep, tottering around in nylons and heels when I'm out. Now you can wear them all the time. Fuck, this guy is good. You could never make me cum. I didn't go out to clean up after sex, I was finishing off with a plastic cock because yours just wasn't up to the job. Stop crying you little shit. Watch, I'm almost there."

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Caught Out

Rick was petrified. His parents were supposed to be on a flight to Florida, but the flight was cancelled and they had come back. His mother had found him posing in front of the mirror, she made him sit and wait for his father to come in and have a 'talk'.

Preparing for the Roaring 20's Theme Party.

"Honey, is this really necessary?"
"Yes it is necessary Tom, this underwear is going to give you the figure for the dress."
"I'm sure the other guys aren't going to so much trouble Hon. It's only a bit of fun."
"If you want to go to this party Tom, you'll do it my way."
"OK Honey, I'm looking pretty good don't you think?"

As it happens, the other guys were all going dress as men, Tom's wife had used this as an opportunity to start his transformation.

"You like those stockings dear, they're very expensive."
"They feel great Honey, so silky. I'm kinda glad you made me shave my legs."

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I love to wear stockings. Nylons against silky smooth shaven legs is probably the most erotic thing in the world. Walking outside in them under a skirt feels fantastic.