Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Warning

Ted was so excited. He had not only met a very sophisticated woman at the club who brought him back to her house, she then confessed that she liked to have sex with a man cross-dressed. This was a secret desire of Ted's who feigned disgust at first, but then agreed. She said that he maid would help him make-up and dress.
"Run away - the maid whispered"
"Sshh - run away, its a trap. You'll end up like me, a slave of hers."
"It's OK miss, I know what I'm doing, your mistress wants me to screw her."
"She did this to me, she'll make you her slave, get out while you can."
Ted, ignored this warning. He was so turned on he would have done anything. He tottered into her bedroom in his heels, nylons and girdle to face his fate.

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