Friday, 25 March 2011

Wedding Night

Peter had told his wife about his cross-dressing before they were married. She seemed cool about it, and when on their wedding night she asked his to go into the bathroom and change into his feminine alter-ago he thought he was a very lucky guy.
When he came out though, he was his wife preparing to fuck his best friend.
"Ah Honey, there you are, could you get this hard for me then sit yourself over there so you get a good view of Jim fucking me. Don't look so shocked, you think a fucking sissy will be able to satisfy me in the sack?"


After a long chat with his wife Jack was just about to hang up when his wife asked what colour lipstick he was wearing.
"What do you mean? He said"
"You look lovely Rick." he had forgotten to disable the webcam.
"Don't worry, I like you looking feminine, be dressed for me when I get back"


This is what is known as a bit of a situation. Tom's mother walked in to find him dressed as a girl sucking off his step-father.

Tom explained that he was caught made-up thinking everyone was out and this was what he had to do for his step-father not to tell her his secret.
Divorce proceedings and sex-change operation are now in progress.

Lesbian Love

Anne had no idea that the girl she had picked up in the lesbian bar was a transvestite guy. He looked so cute. This was the first time she had been fucked by a real man. As Rick eased himself in she was so scared. "Relax Anne", said Rick, "this will be wonderful." He started to slowly and deeply thrust his huge cock into her pussy. She gasped and held him in, "Don't stop, please don't stop, you're so beautiful."

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Warning

Ted was so excited. He had not only met a very sophisticated woman at the club who brought him back to her house, she then confessed that she liked to have sex with a man cross-dressed. This was a secret desire of Ted's who feigned disgust at first, but then agreed. She said that he maid would help him make-up and dress.
"Run away - the maid whispered"
"Sshh - run away, its a trap. You'll end up like me, a slave of hers."
"It's OK miss, I know what I'm doing, your mistress wants me to screw her."
"She did this to me, she'll make you her slave, get out while you can."
Ted, ignored this warning. He was so turned on he would have done anything. He tottered into her bedroom in his heels, nylons and girdle to face his fate.

The Intruder

Rick was now completely helpless, this guy had broken into his apartment and found him cross-dressed. He had now tied him down and was now making sure his wife's big black vibrator was on max and firmly up his butt.

Totally helpless and being threatened to be left tied up for his wife to find him, Rick had no option but to give this creep what he wanted. He was now helpless, wearing stockings, heels, skirt and blouse, about to cum with a huge fake cock up in his butt and a real cock in his mouth. He felt so dirty.

Laundry Problem

"So Wonder Woman, you've mixed up your transforming suit with mine."
"Sorry Superman ... but hell you're hot."
"It's just a thought Wonder, but how about you slip into mine and we'll ... you know."
"Ooh Super, what a naughty idea, say there, I'll be back faster than a speeding bullet."

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Striking a Blow

"Are you enjoying your blow-job darling?"

"Hell yer, your friend is really good"

"That's not my friend, it's my husband, he's wanted to give you head ever since he first saw you. I hope you don't mind."

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Jane Bond

"So Blofeldt, you have transformed me into a beautiful woman - but why?"

"You like your new body Mr Bond, I have perfected the technique, the trouble is that the side effect is that the feeling of pleasure when having sex is magnified tenfold. After only a minute you will become addicted to the orgasms and you will then be able to do nothing else but fuck."

"Blofelt - I am a British spy, I am able to resist these things"

"We will see, I have taken the liberty of having a small vibrating device placed in you new vagina."

"You expect me to be impressed?"

"No, I expect you to cum Mr Bond, enjoy yourself, tomorrow you will be begging me for cock."

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