Friday, 11 February 2011


After a day shopping Robert and his wife used their new machine to switch bodies. This was the latest gadget for couples which has impressive results in helping them learn to fully satisfy one another.

Rob was now in the bedroom at his wife's dressing table wearing some of the new things he had chosen. His wife had veto'd some of his choices as she didn't want people she knew seeing her dressed like that; but stockings are fine and those shoes, are to die for.

Rob touched his new breasts, "fuck, that feels nice" he thought. As he touched his nipple he felt his vagina twitch and start to get wet. "How can women get anything done with bodies like this?" he thought to him self. He was now soaking wet just thinking about the sex he would be having tonight.

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  1. Indeed, how could you get anything done if you suddenly had this sexy body? I would nothing BUT dress myself up in sexy clothes.


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