Thursday, 10 February 2011

Discovered and Used

Jeff was now worried. His step-father had discovered him dressed in his sister's clothes and was now threatening to tell them.

He dragged him down to the sofa-bed and squeezed the stockings that he had pushed into the bra he wore to give him a nice figure.

He tried desperately to cover his cock as his step-father now pushed him backwards

He then started to drag his pantyhose down. Jeff tried to stop it, but this guy was just too strong.

He was powerless as he was rolled over held down as his step-father now stripped and made John make him hard. John gasped as he saw the size of this man's tool. It was so much bigger than his own.

Once again he was rolled over and this time that enormous cock was plunged deep into John's virgin butt. He groaned with pain and then with pleasure as he was pounded harder and harder.

As he felt the cock start to twitch inside him it was pulled out, he was rolled onto his back only to catch a glance of cum pumping out all over his face and into his mouth.

"This is our secret John" his Step-father told him. "We should do this often, but nobody must know."

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