Thursday, 24 February 2011

Cuckold in Stockings

Richard could only sit there and watch as his wife was pounded by this hunky guy. Their kinky cross-dressing had got out of hand now, but damn these stockings felt good, and it was like watching his very own personalized porno movie.

Friday, 11 February 2011


After a day shopping Robert and his wife used their new machine to switch bodies. This was the latest gadget for couples which has impressive results in helping them learn to fully satisfy one another.

Rob was now in the bedroom at his wife's dressing table wearing some of the new things he had chosen. His wife had veto'd some of his choices as she didn't want people she knew seeing her dressed like that; but stockings are fine and those shoes, are to die for.

Rob touched his new breasts, "fuck, that feels nice" he thought. As he touched his nipple he felt his vagina twitch and start to get wet. "How can women get anything done with bodies like this?" he thought to him self. He was now soaking wet just thinking about the sex he would be having tonight.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Discovered and Used

Jeff was now worried. His step-father had discovered him dressed in his sister's clothes and was now threatening to tell them.

He dragged him down to the sofa-bed and squeezed the stockings that he had pushed into the bra he wore to give him a nice figure.

He tried desperately to cover his cock as his step-father now pushed him backwards

He then started to drag his pantyhose down. Jeff tried to stop it, but this guy was just too strong.

He was powerless as he was rolled over held down as his step-father now stripped and made John make him hard. John gasped as he saw the size of this man's tool. It was so much bigger than his own.

Once again he was rolled over and this time that enormous cock was plunged deep into John's virgin butt. He groaned with pain and then with pleasure as he was pounded harder and harder.

As he felt the cock start to twitch inside him it was pulled out, he was rolled onto his back only to catch a glance of cum pumping out all over his face and into his mouth.

"This is our secret John" his Step-father told him. "We should do this often, but nobody must know."

Coffee Morning

John looked imploringly at his wife, but she would not budge. He was going to have so kneel like this while she had all of her friends round for coffee. She wanted to show them the job she had done on her formerly macho husband.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Unexpected Evening Out

Ron thought it would be a lot of fun when his wife suggested they dress up like a couple of hookers and they go out to a bar. He wasn't expecting it to be his local bar, and he certainly wasn't expecting to have to serve his wife drinks while she screwed all of his buddies.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Watching His Wife

"Come closer Tom, that's it, look at this - it's a real cock, not like that shrivelled thing you have - I've seen bigger clits than your cock. Now you're going to watch me suck this until it's hard then I'm going to ride it until I cum - and looking at the size of this it won't take long. You never made me cum - you're pathetic, you'll be much better as a girl."

New Daughter

"Mum, can I get changed now and play football?"
"No dear, I'm not having you playing with those nasty boys, you're far too delicate."
"I know I agreed to be a daughter for a few days, but its been 3 months now and my hair's grown too long, I can't get this make-up off."
"You look lovely Jacqueline."
"It's Jack Mum, and another thing, my skin seems to have changed its softer and less hairy - it must be all those fragrant baths. And I'm a bit worried that my skin on my chest is getting fatty."
"Oh that's just the hormone treatment Jacqui darling, in another few months it'l all be done and you'l be my real daughter."

New Boots

Steve was now starting to worry. These boots looked lovely and were actually very comfortable and easy to walk in. But whilst they slipped on easily, he now found that they were skin tight and had no obvious zipper. He started to try pulling them off, but they were on tight - and seemed to be getting tighter.

Friday, 4 February 2011


"Ah you're waking up at last. Welcome to your new home, I'm going to call you Sally. I've spent a lot of money on you my dear. Buying you from the drug-dealer you owed money to, making a few modifications and a lovely wardrobe of clothes. Don't think you can escape, a lady wearing the clothes I have for you would be arrested in your new country, and when they find your man clit, you'll be shot. So you have no choice to be nice to me. And I want you to be nice to me right now."

An Old Friend

"Ted, you are out of order. I invite you to stay because we were good friends. I do not expect to see you dressed in my wife's clothes. I know I used to do this too once, but that was a long time ago. I've got a wife ... I've got a beard dammit."

First Day Back

"Just shut it Joe! I could have you in guys clothes, and I can still have you these. The only difference is you'll enjoy it this time. Now get on with your work, all of you."

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