Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Secret's Out

The intruder burst into Rob and Jane's home and at gun point trough a bag at Rob, told him to undress and put it on. It was a bag of women's clothes which fitted him perfectly. The intruder ordered Jane to make up Rob's face, nails and arrange his wig until he was as beautiful as any girl. He then gave Rob a choice: either you give me a blow-job, or I'll fuck you wife - a straight choice. Rob loved his wife, who look petrified at the prospect of being raped, so he knelt in from on the stranger who tied his ankles together and to some pipes. Rob then and slowly took the stranger's cock into his mouth. He was revolted by the whole process. But, once the stranger was completely hard he pulled out - said that's enough you faggot and walked over to Jane. "Look at that cock-sucking fag Janie, you call that a husband, let me show you what its like to have a real man inside you again". "Oh Tom, said Jane, fuck me hard". Rob could only gasp as his wife spread he legs and rubbed her soaking wet pussy as this guy who had been banging her for months did so in front of him.

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  1. Before my divorce I wanted my wife to cuckold me and have me perform the same thing.


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