Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Seasonal Greetings

Jim and his wife Tina loved dressing up. But Tina went too far when she made Christmas cards and sent them to his friends and family.

Sissy Duties

And this is how Tom had to stand next to the bed as his wife was nailed by her new lover. He wept as he stood there with his cock throbbing hard. He was turned on, embarrassed, and devastated all at the same time. His wife in the mean time was orgasming over and over again while staring into Tom's sissy eyes.

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Bob was tired of his wife telling how much bigger her black lover was than him. She made him wear stockings and forced him to grow his hair and wear make-up. He wanted to get his own back, so he invited her lover round and seduced him. He timed it so that she would return from work just at the right time.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Reality Show Mistress (part 1)

"Hello Dave, you're looking fabulous",
"Hi Tod, you're looking lovely yourself - so what's the game today?"
"Mistress has made us ballerinas, we will all perform in front of her. The winner will be allowed to fuck her, the rest of us will have our tits enlarged."
"Oh crap - mine are getting too big already, and Michael used to be a dancer."
"That's quite an erection you have there Dave. My cock has been hard for a day."
"Mine too, and we're not allowed to get any relief unless it's with the Mistress."

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Rob's New Life

After Tom had fucked Rob's wife Jane in front of him that night, Rob was kept indoors as the maid. He had to keep the house spotlessly clean; but he also was forced to watch his wife and Tom fuck. Standing there in a silky little dress with stockings and heels watching the woman he loved orgasm over and over man Rob so hard that he could burst; but he could only touch his cock afterwards in the bathroom.

The Secret's Out

The intruder burst into Rob and Jane's home and at gun point trough a bag at Rob, told him to undress and put it on. It was a bag of women's clothes which fitted him perfectly. The intruder ordered Jane to make up Rob's face, nails and arrange his wig until he was as beautiful as any girl. He then gave Rob a choice: either you give me a blow-job, or I'll fuck you wife - a straight choice. Rob loved his wife, who look petrified at the prospect of being raped, so he knelt in from on the stranger who tied his ankles together and to some pipes. Rob then and slowly took the stranger's cock into his mouth. He was revolted by the whole process. But, once the stranger was completely hard he pulled out - said that's enough you faggot and walked over to Jane. "Look at that cock-sucking fag Janie, you call that a husband, let me show you what its like to have a real man inside you again". "Oh Tom, said Jane, fuck me hard". Rob could only gasp as his wife spread he legs and rubbed her soaking wet pussy as this guy who had been banging her for months did so in front of him.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Just Perfect

Brian couldn't believe his luck. There he was, dressed as a girl, perfectly made-up and with his cock deep into the mouth of a girl he'd just met. It doesn't get any better than this.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Temporarily Useful Husband

Darling, it's time to fuck me like you did in the old days. Ted's away on business, and you're the only cock available. Don't forget to get the ironing done afterwards.

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