Sunday, 5 September 2010

Found Out

Suddenly Peter heard a bang down stairs. Was that the wind or somebody coming in the house?

It was his mother He stood motionless awaiting his fate. His mother called as she walked upstairs. He was in her room, wearing her clothes, her wig, her make-up, her shoes. There was no escape.


  1. Great pic -- so yummy! And a wonderful caption too . . . kisses

  2. its a great capt and the pic is perfect with the shock on her face

  3. Oh my, that picture and anecdote caught my eye! That's what happened to me when I was around 15, only I was in my room and it was my older sister's clothes.

    My mother was bringing up some clean laundry to my room. She knocked just once and then opened the door. And I was standing there just like in the photo. But she was so cool about it. She just said something like "here's your laundry" and left.

    But I think she already knew about me doing that. I was not what you would call a regular boy. I was an obvious sissy. I would have to think my mother was not shocked when she caught me.

  4. i love it. But wish it was an uncle, brother, male cousin or neighbor that would exploit the situation.


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