Sunday, 26 September 2010

Internet Sex

OK, I'm dressed as a girl, I have my cock in a guy's mouth - now what?

Skate Cheats

Mike was getting ready for the skating contest. He was an excellent figure skater, but had never made it big because he was quite short. Jeff had hatched a plan when his skating partner had retired.

"OK Jeff. My balls are already pushed up. Nobody is going to suspect I'm a guy. Let's go out and get this ice skate routine done so that I can get out of this outfit."

"But Mike, surely you like wearing this little skirt. You're wearing perfume - nice touch, if I didn't know you were a guy I'd fuck you right now."

"Jeff! If you keep on like this I'll get a hard-on and we'll be screwed"

Georges Night Out

As George came to, he remembered that he was drinking heavily in a strange bar last night. He lie there enjoying the remainder of his dream, he was feeling a cool breeze, he was being gently but firmly gripped around his middle. His arse felt a little sore and he was getting an erection. He also seemed to be wearing gloves. When he opened his eyes he gasped as he was laid out in his own garden half dressed in woman's underwear. He dashed indoors hoping his neighbors hadn't seen him like this. But when he got inside he found flowers and cards from a dozen male admirers wanting to see him again.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Found Out

Suddenly Peter heard a bang down stairs. Was that the wind or somebody coming in the house?

It was his mother He stood motionless awaiting his fate. His mother called as she walked upstairs. He was in her room, wearing her clothes, her wig, her make-up, her shoes. There was no escape.

Lip Service

Rob was now at the complete mercy of his wife and her lover. They had systematically sissified him and he was now their maid slave. The final part of his ordeal was to learn how to give head. He wasn't gay, so found this completely repulsive, but was forced to suck his wife's love until his shot his load down his throat. His wife laughed as he coughed and called him pathetic. From now on it was Rob's job to get his wife's lover hard before he has sex with his wife. Rob had to watch his wife orgasm over and over again before he then had to lick her lover's cock clean.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Mix up at the Plastic Surgery

John had booked himself in to the plastic surgeon to have a broken nose fixed. Somehow the paperwork got mixed up and he was given a facial rebuild and permanent make-up operation.

Nobody realized the mistake until it was time to remove the bandages and show him his new nose ... boy he's in for a shock.

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