Sunday, 29 August 2010

Jim and his girlfriend Jen had spent the night out in each other's bodies. It was a bit of fun and available from a specialist shop on the edge of town. The only stipulation is that you couldn't have sex. The personality would become too tied to the other person to allow transfer back out. They got back and started to kiss, before long they were half undressed and on the bed. Both of their bodies were urging they go on, Jen's hard cock was brushing Jim's soaking wet pussy. "Please don't" said Jim closing his eyes, he grabbed Jen's shirt and pulled her towards him. He felt the cock start to part his pussy lips. "Jen, I'm scared". Jenny pushed her cock deep into Jim's pussy, they ha changed places and there was no going back for either of them.

Wifey's Little Joke

John looked at his reflection in the mirror, his wife had taken so much care on his makeup. Surely nobody would know he was a guy. His first trip to a club dressed as a girl was going to be easy.

Saturday, 28 August 2010


In hindsight, it want's that he had a cock in his arse that was embarrassing for Brian when his wife walked in unexpectedly, it was the run in his stockings.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

In Deep

Jack gasped as his wife took the full 12 inches of the stud they had met in a bar. They used to regularly go out as two girls, but this time his wife wanted more. Jack had such a small cock, and his wife was in such ecstasy right now, he loved her so much and wanted her to be happy. All he could do now was rub his cock and watch his wife squirm and scream out with orgasm after orgasm.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Easy Job?

"Pissed, you betcha I'm pissed. You promise me a easy job and a view of the race. You the make me up and stick a wig on me. My balls are so for up they probably won't come back down. My cock is so far back its practically up my arse. The shoes are killing me and I've have my butt pinched so many times it really hurts."

Friday, 20 August 2010

The Introduction

Tim, meet Brian. Brian's going to fuck me while you watch. Brian, Tim is my pathetic husband. Don't be taken in by his girlie looks, he's not gay, just pathetically inadequate - isn't that right Tim? After we've finished fucking Tim, you can clean Brian's cock for him. Stay there, don't let be see you looking away, no blubbing and no wanking.

Friday, 13 August 2010

A Puncture

Jeff and Mikey were off out to their favourite club when disaster struck. How were they going to change this wheel with these false nails and in these heels. Their only chance was to look in distress and wait for a man to pull in to help. Mikey was looking a little too distressed and the only way he could get away was to give their good samaritan a nice blowjob in the car.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Revenge Can be Fun

Gary and his sister Jean had taken Jeff for what he thought would be some fun with two girls. Jeff was a total jerk who bullied girls into having sex with him. While Jean kept Jeff busy eating her pussy while sucking his cock, Gary prepared to give his a fuck he wouldn't forget.

Long Way Home

Tod's wife had feminized him and dropped him off at the other side of town. All he had to do was make it back home. The catch was that she had fitted him with a chastity device that contained electrodes and a plug up his ass that had the same. Every 10 minutes the device activated a made him orgasm like he'd never orgasmed before. His legs gave way and he had to support himself until it stopped. He was exhausted, and wasn't even half way there.

About Time

After 5 years of marriage and quietly ignoring Richard's crossdressing, Anne finally agreed to have sex with Wendy.

Living the Dream

Richard couldn't believe it. He had got a job in a large house as a sissy maid. He had to wear pretty clothes and makeup all day. In the evening he was the mistress of the houses plaything. He had just come back from a full body wax and felt wonderful.

Final Humiliation

As the final humiliation, Jeff (now Jane) had to prepare his wife for her marriage to her lover. Everyone thought Jeff had died, but His wife and her boyfriend had made him their slave and sissy maid.

Blackmailed into Womanhood

"Come on James, don't be shy, get into this nice dress and we will go to the party. All your friends and family are there and will just love your new look. What, you don't want to? Well you have better change you mind pretty quickly because otherwise the police will find out about your little secret, and that will be 20 years in jail. Come on, you look so pretty."

Hypnotherapy Revenge

Antony suddenly remembered who he was. He remembered going to a hypnotherapist to cure him of smoking and now he was surrounded by guys jacking off on his face. He looked down, he had huge breasts, his penis was gone and he was wearing lingerie. It turned out that while he had been cheating on his wife, she was seeing a hypnotist. He had persuaded Antony he wanted to be a girl, that he was a nymphomaniac and that he should have a sex change. That was over a year ago.

Mix up at the Costume Shop

The costume shop had mixed up the sizes of Stevie's and Tina's outfits for the fancy-dress party this evening. It was too late to exchange them now, so Tina suggested they swap outfits which would be fun. Tina was in a pirate outfit complete with eye-patch and parrot. Stevie was in a rather short nurse outfit. Tina leant him a wig, stockings and made him up to perfection. Stevie liked what he saw in the mirror, but was terrified of the idea of going out in public. Still it was to late now.

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