Thursday, 22 April 2010

Final Chapter

Rich was ready for the final part of his total feminization. He had been waiting on his wife and her lover all evening, she had been feminizing him for 18 months, feeding him hormones, humiliating him and keeping him dressed as a sexy maid. Tonight, he was forced to watch once more as his wife was pounded by her lover. He had to stand there with a tray with two glasses of Champagne for when they had finished. This time though, after he saw them finish their drinks, he watched as his wife brought her lover's erection back with her mouth. She then slid a condom on his cock and then lubricated it. This was unusual, because she didn't like condoms, and she never needed lubricating. Then she told Rich to lay on the bed. The lover walked over and slowly pushed his cock into his virgin anus. Rich's cock swelled and he gasped with pleasure, but realized that his feminization was complete.

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  1. This picture gets me sooo wet . . . I want to be her -- she's so hot, and with such a gorgeous clitty!


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