Sunday, 4 April 2010

Family Album

"Rick, Now that you are old enough, you need to know about your family which isn't like others. All of the males are expected to dress up as ladies. Does that shock you Rick?"
"No mummy, I've seen daddy dressed as a lady and he always looks lovely. I've tried myself already but I didn't tell you because I thought you would be angry."
"Of course not Rick, it's tradition in the family, and we need to start you taking some special tablets that will give you beautiful breasts."
"Will that mean that I won't be able to go out with girls mummy?"
"Not at all, there are many beautiful girls who love other girls like you will be. Now lets look through the family album"
"Here's daddy, don't you think he's lovely? You will love the feel of stockings on your legs just like he does."

"Here is Grandad. He loves high heels. He can't walk in them like he used to be able to do, but he still have very nice legs."

"Grandad was a little resistant at first, but granny started training him as soon as they were married. Here he is after granny had burnt all of his clothes. She got him a job as a secretary where she was the manager. He laughs about it now, but he resisted for many weeks before he accepted his new life."

"This is your cousin Tom, he's very cute:"

"This is Tom's dad, your uncle Tony. He boobs became very large indeed"

"And this is uncle Bobby who married aunt Jane:"

"They're all lovely mummy, let's start now please. I want to be a lovely girl."

"OK Ricky, I've bought you some clothes, but first I'll do your make-up. Take notice because you will have to do it yourself soon"

--- After many hours ---

"OK dear, look in the mirror, what do you think?"

"Mummy I'm lovely - thank you."

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  1. I love this set of captions. Great pictures and very nice story.


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