Saturday, 10 April 2010

Family Album (pt 3)

Rick's parents had told him that the hormone tablets would give him urges that he must resist. They would subside once his breasts had grown, but he must not be lured into anything whilst in his vulnerable state.

Rick tried very hard, but Suzie his schoolfriend was curious about his cock. She knew Rick was a boy, and this was an all girl boarding school. One day she kissed him, just a small kiss at first; but this turned into a passionate kiss that brought Ricks manhood to full attention. They rushed to Suzie's room whipped their shirts and skirts off and fell onto the bed. Soon they were two virgins making love.

Now Rick had let his desires get the better of him, there was no stopping him. Suzie spread the word that there was a man in school and he spent the next few weeks keeping them happy.

The hormones had one last trick to play on him.

A new games teacher Mr Smith joined the school, and all the girls were flirting outrageously with him. Rick couldn't help himself in joining in with the flirting.

In a basketball lesson he pretended to twist his ankle and Mr Smith rushed over and rubbed his ankle and calf to ease the pain. After the lesson and Rick had dressed he went back and knocked on Mr Smith's door to thank him for his medical attention.

As Rick touched his breast while talking to Mr Smith he asked if he would like to rub them too. Mr Smith shook his head and told Rick that he was gay and had no interest in girls however lovely they were. Rick then dropped his skirt and took out his penis from between his legs. He asked if Mr Smith would prefer to rub that. He had no control over his actions. He knew he wasn't gay but he wanted to turn on this man, he wanted to experience being penetrated, he wanted to be controlled by a much stronger lover and be powerless to resist or escape.

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