Friday, 23 April 2010

Customer Complaint

"Ah, yes, is that Yes I was wondering how to detach your breastforms and false vargina."
"Certainly sir, could you just read out the model numbers"
"The model numbers ... here we are, BF38C-P and V-P".
"Would you mind waiting sir, I'll just call my supervisor."
"Hello sir, I'm afraid there has been a mix up in the warehouse. The -P models are permanent models that biologically merge with your own body. They are very expensive, but we are prepared to let you keep them."
"What do you mean problem in the warehouse? Permanent! My wife come home in two hours."
"I'm sorry sir ... or should I say madam. These products have been activated and you will be a genetic female in about a day from attachment. There is no stopping the process."

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