Sunday, 25 April 2010

Body Suit

Sam had bought a beautiful spandex bodysuit, that was advertised as being able to give the wearer the body of perfect woman. He just had to give it a go. When he put it on, sure enough, it looked to his as if he had the body of a young woman. Then he started to feel some pain, the suits started to get very hot all of a sudden.

He ripped at the spandex suit and pulled it off of his chest, it had started to cool, but he still wanted to remove it. He gasped as he clutched a pair of soft tits rather than his own muscular chest. The suit had done exactly what it said it would do, he now had the body of a perfect woman.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Customer Complaint

"Ah, yes, is that Yes I was wondering how to detach your breastforms and false vargina."
"Certainly sir, could you just read out the model numbers"
"The model numbers ... here we are, BF38C-P and V-P".
"Would you mind waiting sir, I'll just call my supervisor."
"Hello sir, I'm afraid there has been a mix up in the warehouse. The -P models are permanent models that biologically merge with your own body. They are very expensive, but we are prepared to let you keep them."
"What do you mean problem in the warehouse? Permanent! My wife come home in two hours."
"I'm sorry sir ... or should I say madam. These products have been activated and you will be a genetic female in about a day from attachment. There is no stopping the process."

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Mike was parading around dressed up while his wife was away. Unfortunately, her flight had been cancelled and she rushed in, "Honey, my flight was ... what the ... who are you?", Mike dropped to the floor, "Mikey, it's you! Why are you dressed as a girl?". "Darling, I'm so sorry, but I can't help myself, I'm a transvestite". "Mikey, why didn't you tell me, you look lovely" She walked over to him and kissed his lipstick lips.

Final Chapter

Rich was ready for the final part of his total feminization. He had been waiting on his wife and her lover all evening, she had been feminizing him for 18 months, feeding him hormones, humiliating him and keeping him dressed as a sexy maid. Tonight, he was forced to watch once more as his wife was pounded by her lover. He had to stand there with a tray with two glasses of Champagne for when they had finished. This time though, after he saw them finish their drinks, he watched as his wife brought her lover's erection back with her mouth. She then slid a condom on his cock and then lubricated it. This was unusual, because she didn't like condoms, and she never needed lubricating. Then she told Rich to lay on the bed. The lover walked over and slowly pushed his cock into his virgin anus. Rich's cock swelled and he gasped with pleasure, but realized that his feminization was complete.

After Work

Jack's boss called him over to where he was sitting. He had let Jack crossdress at work which he was so grateful for. Now as he stood in front of his boss he was told to close his eyes. His boss gentle stroked Jack's stockings. Immediately Jack's cock started to twitch. He then felt his flimsy dress lift. He gasped as he felt his cock sucked down into his bosses mouth.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Attacked While Dressed

Michael had just got back from a femme shopping trip when he found a stranger in his flat. His flatmate Joe was out of town. "Hi is Jo in?", "No can I help?". "Are you Joe's girlfriend?", "No, I'm nobody's girlfriend", "Then be mine". At that the strange pushed Michael to the ground. "I like a girl with some fight". Michael was desperate not to let him find out he was a guy - he would surely tell Joe.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Family Album (pt 3)

Rick's parents had told him that the hormone tablets would give him urges that he must resist. They would subside once his breasts had grown, but he must not be lured into anything whilst in his vulnerable state.

Rick tried very hard, but Suzie his schoolfriend was curious about his cock. She knew Rick was a boy, and this was an all girl boarding school. One day she kissed him, just a small kiss at first; but this turned into a passionate kiss that brought Ricks manhood to full attention. They rushed to Suzie's room whipped their shirts and skirts off and fell onto the bed. Soon they were two virgins making love.

Now Rick had let his desires get the better of him, there was no stopping him. Suzie spread the word that there was a man in school and he spent the next few weeks keeping them happy.

The hormones had one last trick to play on him.

A new games teacher Mr Smith joined the school, and all the girls were flirting outrageously with him. Rick couldn't help himself in joining in with the flirting.

In a basketball lesson he pretended to twist his ankle and Mr Smith rushed over and rubbed his ankle and calf to ease the pain. After the lesson and Rick had dressed he went back and knocked on Mr Smith's door to thank him for his medical attention.

As Rick touched his breast while talking to Mr Smith he asked if he would like to rub them too. Mr Smith shook his head and told Rick that he was gay and had no interest in girls however lovely they were. Rick then dropped his skirt and took out his penis from between his legs. He asked if Mr Smith would prefer to rub that. He had no control over his actions. He knew he wasn't gay but he wanted to turn on this man, he wanted to experience being penetrated, he wanted to be controlled by a much stronger lover and be powerless to resist or escape.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Family Album (pt 2)

Rick was moved to a new school while his breasts were growing,

His mum told him that the tablets would give his urges. He should resist these as much as possible.

Family Album

"Rick, Now that you are old enough, you need to know about your family which isn't like others. All of the males are expected to dress up as ladies. Does that shock you Rick?"
"No mummy, I've seen daddy dressed as a lady and he always looks lovely. I've tried myself already but I didn't tell you because I thought you would be angry."
"Of course not Rick, it's tradition in the family, and we need to start you taking some special tablets that will give you beautiful breasts."
"Will that mean that I won't be able to go out with girls mummy?"
"Not at all, there are many beautiful girls who love other girls like you will be. Now lets look through the family album"
"Here's daddy, don't you think he's lovely? You will love the feel of stockings on your legs just like he does."

"Here is Grandad. He loves high heels. He can't walk in them like he used to be able to do, but he still have very nice legs."

"Grandad was a little resistant at first, but granny started training him as soon as they were married. Here he is after granny had burnt all of his clothes. She got him a job as a secretary where she was the manager. He laughs about it now, but he resisted for many weeks before he accepted his new life."

"This is your cousin Tom, he's very cute:"

"This is Tom's dad, your uncle Tony. He boobs became very large indeed"

"And this is uncle Bobby who married aunt Jane:"

"They're all lovely mummy, let's start now please. I want to be a lovely girl."

"OK Ricky, I've bought you some clothes, but first I'll do your make-up. Take notice because you will have to do it yourself soon"

--- After many hours ---

"OK dear, look in the mirror, what do you think?"

"Mummy I'm lovely - thank you."

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Lesbian Fetish

Ted had two loves, crossdressing and lesbians. So much so that he has breast implants. He was very convincing and was able to attract lovely lesbian ladies like Sarah here.
"Oh my God, that dildo is so big and hard, but wonderfully comfortable. It's so much better that the real thing." Sarah had never been with a man, she was always rather nervous of their cocks. She's in for a surprise I think.

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