Friday, 12 March 2010

Too Tight

Jim and Wendy's dressing up games were getting bit serious now. Wendy tightened her corset around Jim's waist until he cried out in pain. She fastened him with a knot. No matter how hard he tried to reach round to free him self it was no use, he was trapped and utterly helpless. He couldn't bent over to unbuckle his high heels and he couldn't move as quickly as Wendy so he was now at her mercy. She pushed him back onto the bed where he was unable to get back to his feet unassisted, so watched on as Wendy locked all of his clothes in a box. She then put the key to the box on a chain and hung it around her neck. Wendy now wondered what to do with Jim next.


  1. Put him in a dress and take himm out on the town

  2. get him off, so he can relax and get dressed up xxxx


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