Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Left Tied Up

Jake was having a great time wandering around in his satin maid outfit when the door burst open and a house-breaker crashed in. Jake had nowhere to hide as the intruder walked up to him. "Give me a kiss" the intruder said puckering up, as he got closer he made a grab for Jake's crotch. "Fuck, your a guy!" He gasped, "down of the floor". Jake couldn't resist, those heels were to high to run. The intruder got a couple of chairs and started to tied Jake up. When he finished he went up stairs to check the bedroom for valuables. When he came down he had Jake's credit cards. "Well Jake, I'm going out to spend some of your cash." You can't leave me like this, my wife will be back soon." "Not my problem Jake" said the intruder, "Look what I found in your wardrobe", he dangle a ball gag in front of him. "Is this for you or your wife? Never mind, it's for you now". He bent over Jake and forced the gag in his mouth. "Bye bye gorgeous" he said as he stepped out of the door.

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