Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Discovered By Senior

George was a boarder at school, but loved to dress as a girl in private. Somehow it reminded him of his mom who he missed very much.
Today he was fully dressed when Tom the school captain walked in to ask George to help with his assignment. When he saw George he smiled and grabbed him. He forced george to his knees and slid his long hard cock slowly up George's virgin male pussy. George was scared and in some pain, but he also found his own cock rising. Tom grabbed it and started jerking him off while pounding him from behind. George started crying and asked Tom to stop. Tom just pounded harder until pushed deep into him squirting hot cum deep within him. George then spurted his own load several feet across the floor as he had a huge orgasm.
George collapsed face down on the floor as Tom zipped up his pants and walked out.

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