Wednesday, 31 March 2010


"You little pervert", a complete stranger had spotted Nigel as a crossdresser. He dragged him into the toilets locked the door and threw him to the floor. "Is this what you like?" he said as he slid his finger into Nigels arse. "No, I'm straight!", said Nigel. "You sure don't look straight, you look like a faggot", said the stranger.

"Now suck my cock or I'll go outside and let everyone know you're in here". Poor Nigel had to do what he was told.


Joe still couldn't believe it. He had a few more drinks than he should the night before, but now he finds himself in a girls body. Little did he know that his body had been stolen. A female scientist had perfected the technique and borrowed the bodies of male victims to commit 'perfect' crimes. Unfortunately this time she had been shot and killed by police.
Joe was stuck, but he wasn't worried, he was hot and that pussy felt great.

Saturday, 27 March 2010


Tom had found the horny girl in the bar, they got home and she tore his clothes off and sucked him hard. He was so turned on, her legs were beautiful and those hose were so soft and silky. It was only as she stood for her turn that Tom realized that he had picked up a man.


Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Party

Chuck went to his older sister's party and got very drunk which annoyed everyone until he finally collapsed. At this point, to teach him a lesson, they dressed him in girls clothes and made him up. They started to take photos of him as he lay there completely out of it. For a final picture, Tod took out his enormous cock and posed with it in Chuck's mouth. He'll certainly behave himself from now on unless he wants these pictures to get out.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

First Time

Jeff couldn't believe it. He didn't consider himself gay, but was flattered when this guy hit on him at the bar when he was dressed. One thing led to another, and here he was being nailed up the arse...and loving it. He stroked his nylon covered silky smooth legs and orgasmed once more.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Too Tight

Jim and Wendy's dressing up games were getting bit serious now. Wendy tightened her corset around Jim's waist until he cried out in pain. She fastened him with a knot. No matter how hard he tried to reach round to free him self it was no use, he was trapped and utterly helpless. He couldn't bent over to unbuckle his high heels and he couldn't move as quickly as Wendy so he was now at her mercy. She pushed him back onto the bed where he was unable to get back to his feet unassisted, so watched on as Wendy locked all of his clothes in a box. She then put the key to the box on a chain and hung it around her neck. Wendy now wondered what to do with Jim next.

My Feet are Killing Me

As a punishment, George had a pair of 5 inch heels locked to his feet, he was then driven by his wife 10 miles into the Country and left without money for make his way back.
After 5 miles George's feet were burning and aching. He fiddled with the locks in vain. There was nothing for it but to carry on. He was certainly going to be very good after this.

The Bachelor Party

Ted and his tranny friends celebrated his forthcoming wedding in style with a visit to a very select transformation hotel. They were pampered, dressed and photographed. On his wedding day, his bride was lovely, but perhaps not quite as pretty as Ted and his buddies the week before.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Discovered By Senior

George was a boarder at school, but loved to dress as a girl in private. Somehow it reminded him of his mom who he missed very much.
Today he was fully dressed when Tom the school captain walked in to ask George to help with his assignment. When he saw George he smiled and grabbed him. He forced george to his knees and slid his long hard cock slowly up George's virgin male pussy. George was scared and in some pain, but he also found his own cock rising. Tom grabbed it and started jerking him off while pounding him from behind. George started crying and asked Tom to stop. Tom just pounded harder until pushed deep into him squirting hot cum deep within him. George then spurted his own load several feet across the floor as he had a huge orgasm.
George collapsed face down on the floor as Tom zipped up his pants and walked out.

New Recruit

Tim was curious about crossdressing. He loved women in lingerie and nylons, but lately he had been on some websites where men described the wonders of shaving and wearing silky soft clothes. He was between girlfriends at the moment, so ordered some make-up, some heels and some nylons. After a long hot bath he shaved his legs, made up his face and started to dress. When he saw himself in the mirror and when he touched his legs he got a tingling sensation. He was hooked.
Tim is how one of us. He cannot help himself. He longs for the touch of nylons and silky underwear whenever he isn't wearing it, and when he dresses he is in raptures of pleasure. Welcome to the club Tim.

Left Tied Up

Jake was having a great time wandering around in his satin maid outfit when the door burst open and a house-breaker crashed in. Jake had nowhere to hide as the intruder walked up to him. "Give me a kiss" the intruder said puckering up, as he got closer he made a grab for Jake's crotch. "Fuck, your a guy!" He gasped, "down of the floor". Jake couldn't resist, those heels were to high to run. The intruder got a couple of chairs and started to tied Jake up. When he finished he went up stairs to check the bedroom for valuables. When he came down he had Jake's credit cards. "Well Jake, I'm going out to spend some of your cash." You can't leave me like this, my wife will be back soon." "Not my problem Jake" said the intruder, "Look what I found in your wardrobe", he dangle a ball gag in front of him. "Is this for you or your wife? Never mind, it's for you now". He bent over Jake and forced the gag in his mouth. "Bye bye gorgeous" he said as he stepped out of the door.

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