Monday, 11 January 2010

Unexpected Feeling

Peter had had anal sex once and it hurt quite a bit. Now, he had purchased a spell that made him a girl for 24 hours. He obviously wanted to get laid as a girl, but was worried that it would also be painful. But not a bit of it. As the cock slipped effortlessly deep inside of him, he felt waves of exquisite pleasure. His legs went weak, and he let out an involuntary groan. As the cock withdrew then started to pound harder and harder he started to orgasm, he screamed with pleasure. Every thrust caused an new and more intense orgasm. Eventually he felt the cock explode deep inside him at which point he orgasmed a final time with an intensity he previously couldn't imagine possible. Unable to move he gasped for breath as the cock was slowly withdrawn from his body. Sex was never like this as a man.

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