Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Richard's conditioning was almost complete. He was faced with a hard cock for the first time. His wife whispered into his ear, "Take it in your mouth, look how big it is, feel how smooth it is, feel how hard it is but how wonderfully soft and padded too. Smell it, want it". Richard was mesmerized, he couldn't take his eyes from this cock. He wanted to resist, he wanted to take off these silky panties and stockings, wipe off this makeup and pull of this necklace. But he couldn't. He loved the feel of his girlie clothes. He loved being treated as a girl. He loved the way men flirted with him. Now he loved the look of that hard cock in front of him. Slowly he moved forward, kissed the firm shaft, then, unable to hold back, took it into his mouth. "That's it" his wife whispered in his ear, "you're mine now my little cock sucking bitch".

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