Saturday, 9 January 2010

Forced into Womanhood

"You are useless as a man, a miserable specimen; you aren't fit to have an erection let alone make love to a woman. I'm dressing you up in a frilly pink corset, nylon stockings and heels so that no other woman gets fooled into thinking you are anything other than a totally inadequate maggot. I've locked the corset on, and if you snag those stockings I won't loosen it at night. Call yourself a husband, a real man would be able to satisfy me. A real man wouldn't have a tiny floppy cock like yours. A real man is coming round tonight to give me some the kind of orgasm I've been missing out on being married to a worm like you. Granted, your a rich worm, and a faithful worm, so this is the only way I can stay in this beautiful house and get laid. That's him now, your name is Gloria and you maid uniform is on the bed upstairs. Get changed quick or I'll send you pictures of you dressed like this to the press."


  1. I didn't even get to the picture, before my nipples got hard along with that nasty thing between my legs.

  2. We are all such pathetic little sluts, aren't we? We're lucky to have real women who'll allow us to dress like sexy cock-whores, take the time to humiliate us, and permit us to clean real men's cum from their wet pusssies.

  3. Oh yes crissy, you are so absolutely right!

    We are so lucky to be such pathetic little sluts! And to have such a Mistress who loves to humiliate us sissies and to feed us with Her Lovers Cum from Her pussy as well as from His Cock is so utterly degrading and although so absolute appropriate...! Yes, it's really the best to be a sissy and it is so wonderful to see a sister like wendy telling the truth!

    Kisses, sissy moan


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