Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Dressing Up Box

John's dressing up box in his den was strictly off limits. He told his wife that it contained all his papers. Actually it held all of his clothes, make-up and wigs. His wife being out for the evening John put on his favourite corset, slid into some nylons and some heels. Reaching into the box he found a envelope which he opened:
"Dear John,
I'm sure by now you look lovely. I've known your little secret pretty well since we first met. It's a part of your character that, as your wife, I have always felt excluded from, and being in love with you I want to enjoy with you and understand. I'll be back at 10 this evening. If you are in your normal clothes when I get back, I shall never mention this and never look into this box again. If on the other hand you want to share this side of yourself with me, then I hope to find you in that gorgeous blue dress.
Your loving wife,


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