Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Bill's Discovery

Bill had created a new gene therapy that would make him younger. He had used stem cells from the placenta of a baby girl and had carried out a complex process so that these cells would renew all of his own old cells. In his office he poured the contents of a test-tube into a clean glass and took a long gulp. Suddenly his body started burning with heat. He took off his shirt still sweating with heat. His heard was pounding, but he still had to finish the dose, so he drank the rest of the glass. At this point he felt long hair drop onto his shoulders and a huge pair of breasts grow on his chest. He held his still pounding head. He could tell he was at least twenty years younger, so he called the experiment a partial success. The new drug will come onto the market in a few years time when Professor Wilma Wolford expects to make a substantial fortune.

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