Tuesday, 26 January 2010

First Time

After giving his first blow job Laurence coughed and gasped. He loved the taste and feel of the enormous cock in his mouth but he really wasn't expecting how fast the sperm would his the back of his throat.

Bill's Discovery

Bill had created a new gene therapy that would make him younger. He had used stem cells from the placenta of a baby girl and had carried out a complex process so that these cells would renew all of his own old cells. In his office he poured the contents of a test-tube into a clean glass and took a long gulp. Suddenly his body started burning with heat. He took off his shirt still sweating with heat. His heard was pounding, but he still had to finish the dose, so he drank the rest of the glass. At this point he felt long hair drop onto his shoulders and a huge pair of breasts grow on his chest. He held his still pounding head. He could tell he was at least twenty years younger, so he called the experiment a partial success. The new drug will come onto the market in a few years time when Professor Wilma Wolford expects to make a substantial fortune.


Paul got home late from the club. He fell straight to sleep when he got in. That's just how his wife found him when she got back from her night shift. She took a few photos and crept out. When the alarm went, Paul rushed to the bathroom in a panic thankful that his wife was late. When he got to work he found that his wife had posted the photos she had taken to his Facebook for all his friends and colleagues to see. She had also changed his password so he couldn't remove them.

Saturday, 23 January 2010


The door burst open and in walked Ted's wife. Ted gasped as he realized his secret was out. His wife should have been abroad on business, but her flight was cancelled.
"I don't mind you crossdressing Teddy" said his wife, "but do you really have to dress to tarty, just look at those shoes."
Ted was speechless. "Look Teddy, I've got a couple of days now my trip is cancelled, lets get you some proper clothes. Then we'll have a night girlie out".

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Dressing Up Box

John's dressing up box in his den was strictly off limits. He told his wife that it contained all his papers. Actually it held all of his clothes, make-up and wigs. His wife being out for the evening John put on his favourite corset, slid into some nylons and some heels. Reaching into the box he found a envelope which he opened:
"Dear John,
I'm sure by now you look lovely. I've known your little secret pretty well since we first met. It's a part of your character that, as your wife, I have always felt excluded from, and being in love with you I want to enjoy with you and understand. I'll be back at 10 this evening. If you are in your normal clothes when I get back, I shall never mention this and never look into this box again. If on the other hand you want to share this side of yourself with me, then I hope to find you in that gorgeous blue dress.
Your loving wife,


Richard's conditioning was almost complete. He was faced with a hard cock for the first time. His wife whispered into his ear, "Take it in your mouth, look how big it is, feel how smooth it is, feel how hard it is but how wonderfully soft and padded too. Smell it, want it". Richard was mesmerized, he couldn't take his eyes from this cock. He wanted to resist, he wanted to take off these silky panties and stockings, wipe off this makeup and pull of this necklace. But he couldn't. He loved the feel of his girlie clothes. He loved being treated as a girl. He loved the way men flirted with him. Now he loved the look of that hard cock in front of him. Slowly he moved forward, kissed the firm shaft, then, unable to hold back, took it into his mouth. "That's it" his wife whispered in his ear, "you're mine now my little cock sucking bitch".

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

These Heels are Killing Me

"Please, let me rest for a little longer darling"
"No Jeff, we've been here for 20 minutes and I'm getting cold in this short skirt. Look, you said you wanted me to wear heels more often. I know they look good; but not to walk around in all the time. You agree?"
"Darling, I agree, I can see that now, go back and get me some sneakers"
"No, get up now, we are going home now. Come on, don't be such a girl"

Monday, 11 January 2010

Unexpected Feeling

Peter had had anal sex once and it hurt quite a bit. Now, he had purchased a spell that made him a girl for 24 hours. He obviously wanted to get laid as a girl, but was worried that it would also be painful. But not a bit of it. As the cock slipped effortlessly deep inside of him, he felt waves of exquisite pleasure. His legs went weak, and he let out an involuntary groan. As the cock withdrew then started to pound harder and harder he started to orgasm, he screamed with pleasure. Every thrust caused an new and more intense orgasm. Eventually he felt the cock explode deep inside him at which point he orgasmed a final time with an intensity he previously couldn't imagine possible. Unable to move he gasped for breath as the cock was slowly withdrawn from his body. Sex was never like this as a man.

Second Thoughts

"Are you sure about this darling? It's very ... revealing"
"Don't be silly Bob, look, I'm wearing the same thing, we are going as a pair of bunnies"
"But darling, when I suggested the costume, I meant for you - I was thinking of a pirate or something like that"
"Look, I said I would dress like this if would too, you can't go back on it now - and besides, you look lovely"
"That's what I'm worried about - I'd try it on with me, so I'm worried about getting hit on by guys"
"Treat it as a compliment, if they get fresh, tell them off if they touch your butt or thigh and slap them if they touch your tits or pussy - unless you want to fuck them of course; but I'm guessing you won't. Come on, let's go."

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Weekly Treat

Dick's wife now had him wearing a locked chastity device. Once a week, and only if he was made up to perfection, only if he was perfectly waxed and only if he was wearing the prettiest underwear and heels could he jerk off. Even then, his wife might get bored and force him to stop and put the chastity device back on without cumming. His head was swimming, he was being trained to want to dress as a girl, he spent all his spare time looking for prettier undies to impress his wife and let him cum. He was spiralling into womanhood and couldn't do a thing about it. Little did he know what stage 2 of his wife's plans were.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Forced into Womanhood

"You are useless as a man, a miserable specimen; you aren't fit to have an erection let alone make love to a woman. I'm dressing you up in a frilly pink corset, nylon stockings and heels so that no other woman gets fooled into thinking you are anything other than a totally inadequate maggot. I've locked the corset on, and if you snag those stockings I won't loosen it at night. Call yourself a husband, a real man would be able to satisfy me. A real man wouldn't have a tiny floppy cock like yours. A real man is coming round tonight to give me some the kind of orgasm I've been missing out on being married to a worm like you. Granted, your a rich worm, and a faithful worm, so this is the only way I can stay in this beautiful house and get laid. That's him now, your name is Gloria and you maid uniform is on the bed upstairs. Get changed quick or I'll send you pictures of you dressed like this to the press."

Advanced Sissy Training

The start of year three as Mrs Silk's academy of sissification is always a shock. Advanced deep throat is a difficult lesson, but next week is advanced anal sex. I wonder what expression these would be ladies will have on their faces then.

Caught by his big Sister.

"Oh my God! Sis, I didn't hear you come in. Please don't tell Ma and Pa."
"What are you doing in my ballet clothes Tony? You're a tranny, what fun!"
"Look Sis, let me get changed and we'll talk."
"Not just yet Tony, you look so pretty, let me take a few snaps on my cellphone."
"Too late, here we are a beautiful ballerina. I can't wait for Sandy and Emma to get here."
"Yes, we're having a sleep-over, while Ma and Pa are out of town, and I think you will be joining us."
"Let me get changed, please Sis."
"I'm afraid not, I think we'll take you out to the club dancing tonight, I have just the outfit for you. Don't worry, you'll have a great time. We may even bring some boys back."

Friday, 1 January 2010

Locked in

Mike's outfit had lots of little padlocks that meant without the key he was trapped. To add a little spice, he kept the key in the freezer in a block of ice which took an hour to melt. He went into the icebox to retrieve when he suddenly realized that his wife had defrosted in last week and must have thrown out the key. He was now trapped. He grabbed a hacksaw and went into the bathroom to set to work on those locks.

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