Wednesday, 22 December 2010

It's Enormous

Ted and his wife Sandra played a game where they would find a guy that would fuck Sandra while Ted watched and took photos.
Ted gripped the cock of the latest victim and was getting him nice and hard. He whispered to Sandra, "This cock is fucking huge Sandra, it'll never fit". Sandra squirmed a little, "Oh it'll fit Ted, you watch."

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Life Model

George's wife had been studying painting for some time and she had decided to paint him. She made him wear shorts and a tee and made him sit on a swing.
"This is turning out lovely Georgie - it's how I see you when I look at you."
"Can I see Hon?"
"No - only once I've finished."
It was her way of telling him she knew about his cross-dressing and she not only didn't mind, but found it quite sexy.

Monday, 20 December 2010

New Job

Joe's job was now to pamper his wife's tits while she was fucking. He had such a small cock and was incapable of satisfying her; but she allowed him to help. He was forced to cross-dress so that her lovers wouldn't be put off.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Photo Session

Mike was in heaven. His wife seemed to finally accepted his cross-dressing and was now helping him take some photos in some lovely frilly underwear they had chosen together that morning. His wife had made his make-up and hair to perfection.

"You look lovely" said his wife as she snapped away with the camera.

"These photos are coming out wonderfully and show off you pretty figure and legs. You're so lucky to have such a great feminine shape Michelle".

"Michelle! It's Mike still Janie, shall we go upstairs now, I'm horny as hell."

"Not what I had planned Michelle dear." She tapped on the computer uploading the photos to the internet.

"I'm selling these photos to a specialist porn site, I've made quite a lot of money today - easily paid for those frillies of yours. But I'd like something a little harder. That's where the big money is".

"But Janie, someone I know might see them."

"They might, but if you refuse they definitely will, I'll e-mail the lot to your boss. Now meet Ted." "Come in Ted, it's OK".

"Right Michelle. I want you to first get Ted hard by sucking his cock, then he's going to take you from behind. Don't worry, I'll not miss a thing."

You're Fired!

In the Apprentice penthouse Sue discovered Jack's secret. Jack had planned that with his own skills in business and a girl's good looks he would be unstoppable. He hadn't figured on Sue who was a lesbian and had taken quite a shine to him. When alone as the final two contestants, Sue had made her move.

Friday, 10 December 2010


Tony, take off my hat, my dress, gloves, make-up stockings and shoes.

It isn't that I mind you cross-dressing, but what is absolutely unforgivable is that you look prettier than me.

Wasn't Expecting That

Tim's sister had persuaded him to dress as a schoolgirl for the day. He loved it, he loved the attention he got from boys and soon he and his sister's friends were alone in class with some of the senior boys.
You've got to do it Tim, his sister giggled, they'll get suspicious otherwise. We all do it.
Tim knelt down and prepared himself. But as a senior walked up to him and took his cock out he couldn't believe it. He had no idea they could be that big.

Friday, 3 December 2010

One of the Girls

"Honey - the glue on these Falsies is a bit strong. Jesus, they're real - what's happened hon?"
"You've been out for 2 months, I've made a few ... improvements. Your cross-dressing games were getting a little dull so now we can be real lesbians - I've got all the toys, you'll love it."

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


"Smile sweetie. You're going to stand there and watch this guy fuck my brains out. I want to see you watching all the time. I want to see you look into my eyes as I cum. I want you to feel the pain of being cheated on. Think about what you did with that little whore you was seeing behind my back and how much more this guy is going to satisfy me than you could satisfy any woman. And now I have you, dressed like a pretty little sissy thinking we were going to have a bit of kinky sex with photos that I can e-mail to everyone you know, I want you to think about what your life is going to be like from now on."

Home Alone.

Derek was all set for an evening in. His wife was away on business; it was just him and a bottle of white.
Suddenly he heard the front door unlock, "honey - surprise, my flight was cancelled".

Covering for Sick Co-worker

You so owe me for this Jane. My cocks so far between my legs its up my arse, and if this guy's hand moves up or down he's a dead man. I know you were short of a girl today, but I'm the IT guy not a model.

Unexpected Games

Anne was a little cautious when Richard walked in wearing black stockings, heels, lingerie and perfectly made up. He had promised her a special afternoon of kinky sex, but she wasn't expecting this.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Seasonal Greetings

Jim and his wife Tina loved dressing up. But Tina went too far when she made Christmas cards and sent them to his friends and family.

Sissy Duties

And this is how Tom had to stand next to the bed as his wife was nailed by her new lover. He wept as he stood there with his cock throbbing hard. He was turned on, embarrassed, and devastated all at the same time. His wife in the mean time was orgasming over and over again while staring into Tom's sissy eyes.

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Bob was tired of his wife telling how much bigger her black lover was than him. She made him wear stockings and forced him to grow his hair and wear make-up. He wanted to get his own back, so he invited her lover round and seduced him. He timed it so that she would return from work just at the right time.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Reality Show Mistress (part 1)

"Hello Dave, you're looking fabulous",
"Hi Tod, you're looking lovely yourself - so what's the game today?"
"Mistress has made us ballerinas, we will all perform in front of her. The winner will be allowed to fuck her, the rest of us will have our tits enlarged."
"Oh crap - mine are getting too big already, and Michael used to be a dancer."
"That's quite an erection you have there Dave. My cock has been hard for a day."
"Mine too, and we're not allowed to get any relief unless it's with the Mistress."

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Rob's New Life

After Tom had fucked Rob's wife Jane in front of him that night, Rob was kept indoors as the maid. He had to keep the house spotlessly clean; but he also was forced to watch his wife and Tom fuck. Standing there in a silky little dress with stockings and heels watching the woman he loved orgasm over and over man Rob so hard that he could burst; but he could only touch his cock afterwards in the bathroom.

The Secret's Out

The intruder burst into Rob and Jane's home and at gun point trough a bag at Rob, told him to undress and put it on. It was a bag of women's clothes which fitted him perfectly. The intruder ordered Jane to make up Rob's face, nails and arrange his wig until he was as beautiful as any girl. He then gave Rob a choice: either you give me a blow-job, or I'll fuck you wife - a straight choice. Rob loved his wife, who look petrified at the prospect of being raped, so he knelt in from on the stranger who tied his ankles together and to some pipes. Rob then and slowly took the stranger's cock into his mouth. He was revolted by the whole process. But, once the stranger was completely hard he pulled out - said that's enough you faggot and walked over to Jane. "Look at that cock-sucking fag Janie, you call that a husband, let me show you what its like to have a real man inside you again". "Oh Tom, said Jane, fuck me hard". Rob could only gasp as his wife spread he legs and rubbed her soaking wet pussy as this guy who had been banging her for months did so in front of him.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Just Perfect

Brian couldn't believe his luck. There he was, dressed as a girl, perfectly made-up and with his cock deep into the mouth of a girl he'd just met. It doesn't get any better than this.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Temporarily Useful Husband

Darling, it's time to fuck me like you did in the old days. Ted's away on business, and you're the only cock available. Don't forget to get the ironing done afterwards.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Internet Sex

OK, I'm dressed as a girl, I have my cock in a guy's mouth - now what?

Skate Cheats

Mike was getting ready for the skating contest. He was an excellent figure skater, but had never made it big because he was quite short. Jeff had hatched a plan when his skating partner had retired.

"OK Jeff. My balls are already pushed up. Nobody is going to suspect I'm a guy. Let's go out and get this ice skate routine done so that I can get out of this outfit."

"But Mike, surely you like wearing this little skirt. You're wearing perfume - nice touch, if I didn't know you were a guy I'd fuck you right now."

"Jeff! If you keep on like this I'll get a hard-on and we'll be screwed"

Georges Night Out

As George came to, he remembered that he was drinking heavily in a strange bar last night. He lie there enjoying the remainder of his dream, he was feeling a cool breeze, he was being gently but firmly gripped around his middle. His arse felt a little sore and he was getting an erection. He also seemed to be wearing gloves. When he opened his eyes he gasped as he was laid out in his own garden half dressed in woman's underwear. He dashed indoors hoping his neighbors hadn't seen him like this. But when he got inside he found flowers and cards from a dozen male admirers wanting to see him again.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Found Out

Suddenly Peter heard a bang down stairs. Was that the wind or somebody coming in the house?

It was his mother He stood motionless awaiting his fate. His mother called as she walked upstairs. He was in her room, wearing her clothes, her wig, her make-up, her shoes. There was no escape.

Lip Service

Rob was now at the complete mercy of his wife and her lover. They had systematically sissified him and he was now their maid slave. The final part of his ordeal was to learn how to give head. He wasn't gay, so found this completely repulsive, but was forced to suck his wife's love until his shot his load down his throat. His wife laughed as he coughed and called him pathetic. From now on it was Rob's job to get his wife's lover hard before he has sex with his wife. Rob had to watch his wife orgasm over and over again before he then had to lick her lover's cock clean.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Mix up at the Plastic Surgery

John had booked himself in to the plastic surgeon to have a broken nose fixed. Somehow the paperwork got mixed up and he was given a facial rebuild and permanent make-up operation.

Nobody realized the mistake until it was time to remove the bandages and show him his new nose ... boy he's in for a shock.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Jim and his girlfriend Jen had spent the night out in each other's bodies. It was a bit of fun and available from a specialist shop on the edge of town. The only stipulation is that you couldn't have sex. The personality would become too tied to the other person to allow transfer back out. They got back and started to kiss, before long they were half undressed and on the bed. Both of their bodies were urging they go on, Jen's hard cock was brushing Jim's soaking wet pussy. "Please don't" said Jim closing his eyes, he grabbed Jen's shirt and pulled her towards him. He felt the cock start to part his pussy lips. "Jen, I'm scared". Jenny pushed her cock deep into Jim's pussy, they ha changed places and there was no going back for either of them.

Wifey's Little Joke

John looked at his reflection in the mirror, his wife had taken so much care on his makeup. Surely nobody would know he was a guy. His first trip to a club dressed as a girl was going to be easy.

Saturday, 28 August 2010


In hindsight, it want's that he had a cock in his arse that was embarrassing for Brian when his wife walked in unexpectedly, it was the run in his stockings.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

In Deep

Jack gasped as his wife took the full 12 inches of the stud they had met in a bar. They used to regularly go out as two girls, but this time his wife wanted more. Jack had such a small cock, and his wife was in such ecstasy right now, he loved her so much and wanted her to be happy. All he could do now was rub his cock and watch his wife squirm and scream out with orgasm after orgasm.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Easy Job?

"Pissed, you betcha I'm pissed. You promise me a easy job and a view of the race. You the make me up and stick a wig on me. My balls are so for up they probably won't come back down. My cock is so far back its practically up my arse. The shoes are killing me and I've have my butt pinched so many times it really hurts."

Friday, 20 August 2010

The Introduction

Tim, meet Brian. Brian's going to fuck me while you watch. Brian, Tim is my pathetic husband. Don't be taken in by his girlie looks, he's not gay, just pathetically inadequate - isn't that right Tim? After we've finished fucking Tim, you can clean Brian's cock for him. Stay there, don't let be see you looking away, no blubbing and no wanking.

Friday, 13 August 2010

A Puncture

Jeff and Mikey were off out to their favourite club when disaster struck. How were they going to change this wheel with these false nails and in these heels. Their only chance was to look in distress and wait for a man to pull in to help. Mikey was looking a little too distressed and the only way he could get away was to give their good samaritan a nice blowjob in the car.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Revenge Can be Fun

Gary and his sister Jean had taken Jeff for what he thought would be some fun with two girls. Jeff was a total jerk who bullied girls into having sex with him. While Jean kept Jeff busy eating her pussy while sucking his cock, Gary prepared to give his a fuck he wouldn't forget.

Long Way Home

Tod's wife had feminized him and dropped him off at the other side of town. All he had to do was make it back home. The catch was that she had fitted him with a chastity device that contained electrodes and a plug up his ass that had the same. Every 10 minutes the device activated a made him orgasm like he'd never orgasmed before. His legs gave way and he had to support himself until it stopped. He was exhausted, and wasn't even half way there.

About Time

After 5 years of marriage and quietly ignoring Richard's crossdressing, Anne finally agreed to have sex with Wendy.

Living the Dream

Richard couldn't believe it. He had got a job in a large house as a sissy maid. He had to wear pretty clothes and makeup all day. In the evening he was the mistress of the houses plaything. He had just come back from a full body wax and felt wonderful.

Final Humiliation

As the final humiliation, Jeff (now Jane) had to prepare his wife for her marriage to her lover. Everyone thought Jeff had died, but His wife and her boyfriend had made him their slave and sissy maid.

Blackmailed into Womanhood

"Come on James, don't be shy, get into this nice dress and we will go to the party. All your friends and family are there and will just love your new look. What, you don't want to? Well you have better change you mind pretty quickly because otherwise the police will find out about your little secret, and that will be 20 years in jail. Come on, you look so pretty."

Hypnotherapy Revenge

Antony suddenly remembered who he was. He remembered going to a hypnotherapist to cure him of smoking and now he was surrounded by guys jacking off on his face. He looked down, he had huge breasts, his penis was gone and he was wearing lingerie. It turned out that while he had been cheating on his wife, she was seeing a hypnotist. He had persuaded Antony he wanted to be a girl, that he was a nymphomaniac and that he should have a sex change. That was over a year ago.

Mix up at the Costume Shop

The costume shop had mixed up the sizes of Stevie's and Tina's outfits for the fancy-dress party this evening. It was too late to exchange them now, so Tina suggested they swap outfits which would be fun. Tina was in a pirate outfit complete with eye-patch and parrot. Stevie was in a rather short nurse outfit. Tina leant him a wig, stockings and made him up to perfection. Stevie liked what he saw in the mirror, but was terrified of the idea of going out in public. Still it was to late now.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

What it takes

If this was the only way his bisexual wife would give him a blowjob, then it was fine by Tim, and secretly he really liked wearing this stuff.

The Secret's Out

Mike's wife walked into the room as he was fully dressed and lying on the bed. "What do we have here?" she said, "my lesbian husband, all dressed up". She got onto the bed and ran her hand up his pantyhose. "So, are you going to fuck me then?" Mike couldn't believe it. "I thought you'd be upset." "Darling, I've known you were a cross-dresser since we met. No man has hairless legs and plucked eyebrows. It's about time we explored your feminize side."

Sunday, 4 July 2010

A Big Decision

The transformation drug could only be used once, so if Derek returned to a man he would never get this chance again. He had tried it for fun and curiosity; but he loved being a woman, he loved the clothes, he loved his body, he loved the effect he had on men. He sat there stroking his perfect legs encased in soft smooth nylon. It was a no-brainer, he would stay as a woman.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Body Suit

Sam had bought a beautiful spandex bodysuit, that was advertised as being able to give the wearer the body of perfect woman. He just had to give it a go. When he put it on, sure enough, it looked to his as if he had the body of a young woman. Then he started to feel some pain, the suits started to get very hot all of a sudden.

He ripped at the spandex suit and pulled it off of his chest, it had started to cool, but he still wanted to remove it. He gasped as he clutched a pair of soft tits rather than his own muscular chest. The suit had done exactly what it said it would do, he now had the body of a perfect woman.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Customer Complaint

"Ah, yes, is that Yes I was wondering how to detach your breastforms and false vargina."
"Certainly sir, could you just read out the model numbers"
"The model numbers ... here we are, BF38C-P and V-P".
"Would you mind waiting sir, I'll just call my supervisor."
"Hello sir, I'm afraid there has been a mix up in the warehouse. The -P models are permanent models that biologically merge with your own body. They are very expensive, but we are prepared to let you keep them."
"What do you mean problem in the warehouse? Permanent! My wife come home in two hours."
"I'm sorry sir ... or should I say madam. These products have been activated and you will be a genetic female in about a day from attachment. There is no stopping the process."

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Mike was parading around dressed up while his wife was away. Unfortunately, her flight had been cancelled and she rushed in, "Honey, my flight was ... what the ... who are you?", Mike dropped to the floor, "Mikey, it's you! Why are you dressed as a girl?". "Darling, I'm so sorry, but I can't help myself, I'm a transvestite". "Mikey, why didn't you tell me, you look lovely" She walked over to him and kissed his lipstick lips.

Final Chapter

Rich was ready for the final part of his total feminization. He had been waiting on his wife and her lover all evening, she had been feminizing him for 18 months, feeding him hormones, humiliating him and keeping him dressed as a sexy maid. Tonight, he was forced to watch once more as his wife was pounded by her lover. He had to stand there with a tray with two glasses of Champagne for when they had finished. This time though, after he saw them finish their drinks, he watched as his wife brought her lover's erection back with her mouth. She then slid a condom on his cock and then lubricated it. This was unusual, because she didn't like condoms, and she never needed lubricating. Then she told Rich to lay on the bed. The lover walked over and slowly pushed his cock into his virgin anus. Rich's cock swelled and he gasped with pleasure, but realized that his feminization was complete.

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