Thursday, 10 December 2009

A Family Outing

Rich's Mom was furious when he said his sister looked frumpy in her school uniform. She said "You can't possibly look good in those clothes". Rich said he would prove it and went upstairs. A couple of hours later he walked in and the whole family were stunned. "See what I mean mom" he said.
"Jeez Rich", said Mom, "You look absolutely stunning".
"But Rich ... where did those heels come from?".
"Ah, well actually, they're mine Mom. This is a bit of a secret ... hobby".
"Well you look lovely dear. You're not gay are you?"
"No Mom, I just have this urge to wear girls clothes"
"That's OK dear, Pop is the same. He was really lovely when he was young, wasn't you darling?"
"I'm pretty hot still", sad Pop, "I think legs run in the family" he laughed.

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