Monday, 28 December 2009

The Midas Touch

Richard was a newly qualified plastic surgeon. When one day he was given a wish, he said he wanted to be able to create a beautiful woman by touch alone. He was told that just by making his patient orgasm, they would become the woman of their dreams. The side affect was that they would have a stocking fetish and a much higher sex drive. The first week went very well, his wife was more beautiful than ever and was now begging him for sex every night, and after the first few patients were suspicious of his methods, word spread and now they were then queuing up for his services. All went well until he jacked himself off, as soon as he orgasmed he instantly turned into a beautiful woman. He then needed a fuck. He really needed a fuck, so he grabbed any guy off the street took him back to his office and they both had the sex of their lives. But once the stranger had cum, he too changed into a hot woman.
Richard is now still with his wife having hot lesbian sex all day. He makes a good living from transexuals turning them instantly into beautiful sexy women.

Friday, 11 December 2009

The Backdoor Club

Nathan discovered the backdoor club on the internet. The idea is that you get dressed up, lubricate yourself and sit drinking at the bar. Each night a couple of hunky guys walk along the waiting cross-dressers and choose their favourite. They will then pull up their skirt and slide in their very long cock. Nathan was chosen on his first night. This was his first time and he expected it to hurt, instead it was really very comfortable and as he was pounded he started to build up to an orgasm. Finally he burst into an orgasm at the same time as the hunk shot his load deep inside him.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Half Way Down the Stairs

It happened walking down the stairs. Mike was fully dressed and made up and feminine thoughts were pulsing through his head. Suddenly he experienced a tremendous pain throughout his entire body. He had to sit down. When the pain subsided he felt tingling on his nipples and crotch; he reached for both and at once found he had real breasts and a pussy. He gasped when he touched his clitoris which seemed a hundred times more sensitive than his old cock.

A Family Outing

Rich's Mom was furious when he said his sister looked frumpy in her school uniform. She said "You can't possibly look good in those clothes". Rich said he would prove it and went upstairs. A couple of hours later he walked in and the whole family were stunned. "See what I mean mom" he said.
"Jeez Rich", said Mom, "You look absolutely stunning".
"But Rich ... where did those heels come from?".
"Ah, well actually, they're mine Mom. This is a bit of a secret ... hobby".
"Well you look lovely dear. You're not gay are you?"
"No Mom, I just have this urge to wear girls clothes"
"That's OK dear, Pop is the same. He was really lovely when he was young, wasn't you darling?"
"I'm pretty hot still", sad Pop, "I think legs run in the family" he laughed.

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