Saturday, 7 November 2009

Consequences of Being Caught

Mike's wife Linda had found his pictures of him cross-dressed on his computer. When she demanded an explanation he confessed his lifelong secret to her. She seemed to understand and spent the next day dressing him and fixing his make-up. When he looked in the mirror, he didn't recognize himself, he was beautiful. He just couldn't understand why his wife was so understanding, really not like her at all. Then, there was knock on the door, and in strode his boss - Mike was terrified. "Who's this Linda darling?", his boss said. "Oh a friend", said Linda, "she wants to watch us, is that OK?" Sure said Mike's boss. "Sit there Michelle", said Linda, "so you get a good view". Mike's boss then started to kiss, fondle, then started fucking his wife. Mike could do absolutely nothing about it as his wife started screaming with her first orgasm.

[Sharon's idea]
Mike had a plan, rather than sit helplessly watching his wife get nailed by his boss, he dashed over to the PC and started the webcam recording. He then pulled out his hard cock to show the camera. He then strode over to his boss and started to caress his back. He then licked and inserted his finger up his arse. His boss moaned and seemed to like it as he continued to pound Linda. Mike the withdrew his two fingers and thrust his cock deep inside. His boss exploded into Linda and cried out, "That's it, keep that dildo in my arse." Mike whispered in his bosses ear, "That's a real cock you have up your arse, come here again and that video will be all around your office."

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  1. Michelle should join in, if she doesn't the wife will let it be known who she really is. If it was me sitting there dressed as a woman, I would have been upset to see my wife being fucked my another man, but she has the opportunity to give him (the boss) a good fucking. Who knows they might all enjoy it.


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