Friday, 20 November 2009

Bill's Revenge

Bill had discovered that his wife had a lover. He was mortified and wanted revenge on the guy who was fucking his wife. Now Bill was also a very talented crossdresser, so hatched a plan. Bill, now Wilma, followed the lover to a bar where he sat next to him and asked if he would buy her a drink. Soon they were talking and laughing and finally the lover asked if Wilma wanted to go back to his place. He agreed. Back at his place, Bill slipped a tablet into the lover's drink.

Soon the lover was soundly asleep and Bill wasted not time, he whisked off the lovers pants and shorts. He then pulled up his skirt and released his cock from its gaff. After applying some lubricant Bill rammed his cock up the lovers arse.

Bill made sure there was plenty of cum dripping from the lovers arse, he then took a polaroid and wrote 'Leave Linda alone or this goes straight to your office', he left it on the sofa next to him. He then straightened his clothes and left feeling rather pleased that he had had his revenge and ended the affair.

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