Friday, 27 November 2009

Trapped in the Garden

Michael loved walking in his back garden crossdressed in underwear. It was not overlooked by any of his neighbours, so there was no chance of getting caught. On this occasion, he was outside when he heard voices on the patio, "Don't worry, he'll be at work until 6 o'clock" he heard his wife say. He looked through the plants to see his wife and her boss first kissing then groaping and finally fucking on the patio bench. All Michael could do was watch as his wife was pounded to her first orgasm. As he watched in disgust and horror, he was also incredibly turned started to play with himself as his wife gasped with pleasure.

A New Life

Since Darren was laid-off from his work he had become a full-time house husband. His wife, who earned more anyway, took all of his male clothes and made him wear a maid's uniform. The corset, dress and heels were all locked. With no hope of escape, Darren had to go along with his wife. The only compensation was that he was still allowed to make love to her, still wearing the uniform. He secretly found this as sexy as hell and loved his new life.

Very Strange Waiter Job

It was very hard for Kevin, he had to walk in heels, hold his cock tucked backwards and not spill anything. He had only applied for an evening job serving drinks; but it was very well paid and only for one evening.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Cinderfella Leaves it Too Late

He had to be home by 12 o'clock, but Tim had lost track of time. He was in a handsome man's flat powdering his nose after a hot lovemaking session. Suddenly his cock sprung back. Soon he would be in his normal body in a dress in a stranger's bathroom.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Love Lessons

Rich could never find his wife's clitoris, so she went to a local spell shop and bought a body-swap spell. Once they had changed she went down on her own pussy. Rich gasped as his clitoris was kissed, licked and sucked, he then had an orgsm like he'd never had before. He was still gasping and half senseless as his own smiling face came up and kissed him on the lips. "How was that?". "That was fucking amazing honey". "OK, your turn, show me how to do a good blowjob". Rich was less keen on this, but it was his cock after all.

Sexist Boss Get's a Shock

Russ shouted at his secretary for the last time. Rose had tried so hard to give up her life as a witch and lead a normal life, but Russ was such a sexist arsehole she made an except. A few word and wham there was Russ standing in stocking and heels and pert breasts. His tie and shirt hanging around his neck still. "What have you done to me?" he screamed, but in a lovely sexy voice. "You're going to have to live like a woman from now on and work with sexist jerks like you once were". "I may change you back in a year or so."

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Final Wish

OK, the wealth and health are sorted out the third wish was harder. Robert thought, and then thought that being flexible enough to be able suck his own cock would be brilliant. "I wish I could suck my own cock" he said. Suddenly he was looking at himself. He looked down and he was dressed as a woman in stockings, heels and silky blouse. He heard the man in front of him say, "oh, that didn't work then, but still I have this good looking woman to do the job for me, come on then, what are you waiting for?". Robert was very confused, but compelled somehow to obey, he took what used to be his own cock in his mouth and start to suck.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Bill's Revenge

Bill had discovered that his wife had a lover. He was mortified and wanted revenge on the guy who was fucking his wife. Now Bill was also a very talented crossdresser, so hatched a plan. Bill, now Wilma, followed the lover to a bar where he sat next to him and asked if he would buy her a drink. Soon they were talking and laughing and finally the lover asked if Wilma wanted to go back to his place. He agreed. Back at his place, Bill slipped a tablet into the lover's drink.

Soon the lover was soundly asleep and Bill wasted not time, he whisked off the lovers pants and shorts. He then pulled up his skirt and released his cock from its gaff. After applying some lubricant Bill rammed his cock up the lovers arse.

Bill made sure there was plenty of cum dripping from the lovers arse, he then took a polaroid and wrote 'Leave Linda alone or this goes straight to your office', he left it on the sofa next to him. He then straightened his clothes and left feeling rather pleased that he had had his revenge and ended the affair.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Consequences of Being Caught

Mike's wife Linda had found his pictures of him cross-dressed on his computer. When she demanded an explanation he confessed his lifelong secret to her. She seemed to understand and spent the next day dressing him and fixing his make-up. When he looked in the mirror, he didn't recognize himself, he was beautiful. He just couldn't understand why his wife was so understanding, really not like her at all. Then, there was knock on the door, and in strode his boss - Mike was terrified. "Who's this Linda darling?", his boss said. "Oh a friend", said Linda, "she wants to watch us, is that OK?" Sure said Mike's boss. "Sit there Michelle", said Linda, "so you get a good view". Mike's boss then started to kiss, fondle, then started fucking his wife. Mike could do absolutely nothing about it as his wife started screaming with her first orgasm.

[Sharon's idea]
Mike had a plan, rather than sit helplessly watching his wife get nailed by his boss, he dashed over to the PC and started the webcam recording. He then pulled out his hard cock to show the camera. He then strode over to his boss and started to caress his back. He then licked and inserted his finger up his arse. His boss moaned and seemed to like it as he continued to pound Linda. Mike the withdrew his two fingers and thrust his cock deep inside. His boss exploded into Linda and cried out, "That's it, keep that dildo in my arse." Mike whispered in his bosses ear, "That's a real cock you have up your arse, come here again and that video will be all around your office."

Survival Training

This is the ultimate survival training. John is dressed as a beautiful bunny and taken to Canada with no money or documents. His mission is to get back home by whatever means. John's plan is to make it to the nearest highway, there shouldn't be too much trouble finding a trucker willing to give him a lift.

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