Sunday, 18 October 2009

Self Help

John wanted to make himself more feminine when he went out crossdressed, so he bought a self-help course from the internet. He was instructed to get dressed and apply his make-up, then start the lesson.

The tape told him to kick his shoes off, lay back and relax, enjoy the sensation of the stockings on his silky smooth legs, feel his breasts grow, his waist shrink and his penis change into a clitoris before a deep and wet vagina opened.

He was drawn deeper and deeper into these imaginings as he was finally instructed to slide his fingers into his hot and wet hole. This he did and experienced wonderfully intense tingles of pleasure from his new clitoris and from deep inside.

Suddenly the tape ended, he came round and saw that he had the body of a woman.

An Even Deeper Desire.

Jim travelled to a mysterious location deep in the country where an old devil worshipping alter is said to give somebody their deepest desire. Now Jim had been wanting a Porsche 911 since he was a small boy, so he decided to give it a try. He sat on the alter and closed his eyes. Chanted some words that he had been instructed to say and waited. Suddenly there was a flash, he felt an intense pain through his body which subsided to a very pleasurable tingle. He opened his eyes and saw that he was a woman dressed in shiny black latex. "Hmmm", he thought, "I forgot about this deepest desire, this'll take a bit of explaining back home."

An Unexpected Complication

Tony and his wife Debbie had decided to live as lesbian lovers for a few days and had purchased a spell that turned Tony into a beautiful woman. The only condition of the spell was that Tony must not swallow another man's cum; but that certainly wasn't going to happen.
Debbie returned late from work apologizing that her boss wanted her to work on a new contract. She kissed Tony, then suddenly he felt his body go hot and tingly - the change had became permanent. "What's happened!" shrieked Tony, "you've been sucking your boss's cock!", "you bitch, look what you've done to me".

Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Spell

The body swap spell was very good, but the catch was that you were unable to orgasm. If one of the pair said the magic word I would make the change permanent, but of course they would be stuck. Richard and Anne decided to experience what sex would like from each other's perspective, it would make them better lovers they reasoned.
As Anne started to pound Richard, their unreachable orgasms started to build up, and build up, and build up. They could not stop because it was incredible; but they just couldn't reach a climax. Finally Anne could stand it no longer, she yelled the magic phrase and shot her load deep into Richard. Richard felt Anne's penis throb and twitch inside his body, he orgasmed with wave upon wave of pleasure. They stopped, both gasping for breath, then they realised what they had done.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Consequences

Peter had been caught by his wife and his gay brother-in-law, John, dressed up in her wedding dress. His wife told him to remove the dress and to lay down on the bed. "OK John, you've always fancied Peter, now's your chance". With that John started to give Peter the blow-job of his life. Peter covered his face with shame as he started to jerk before the orgasm that was soon to follow.

Dressed to Win

Jeff's wife had spent hours on his make-up and false breasts so that they could win the halloween fancy dress contest. When she had finished, she made him wear a corset, stockings and heels then lead him to the mirror. He was stunned. "I love it!" he said.

He Wasn't Expecting That.

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