Sunday, 13 September 2009

I Wonder If He Knows It's a Guy.

A beautiful crossdresser takes a plane; but his pantyhose and heels attract an admirer.

More Than He Bargained For

Tom stepped out of the transformation booth - his head still fuzzy. He then looked down. "Fuck - he said - I've got to walk around with these this evening, they're fucking huge". His wife just smiled, "You said you like big tits dear, well you've got them now. Oh, and I paid extra, you get to keep this body for a month. It'll be fun, come on lets go shopping for underwear I know you like corsets, those tits of yours are going to look terrific in one."


Jake and his wife Susan are swingers with a difference. They love to double team straight guys. Sue takes the cock and Jake suck the balls then Jake shows a big dildo to the guy. Only while the guy is fucking Sue, Jake rubs the dildo over the guys arse before jamming his own cock deep inside. If Jake shoots his load just as the guy is cumming into Sue then he's none the wiser. They quickly dress and slip out chalking up another conquest.

Madame Jane's Finishing School Graduation

It's tradition at Madame Jane's School for Young Ladies, that the year 3 girls show the new intake what they should be aspiring towards. Three years of training, surgery and hard study transforms ugly willful men into beautiful and subservient women.

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