Sunday, 30 August 2009

Caught and Blackmailed

John couldn't believe it. Not only had he been caught cross dressed in his mother's room, but when he looked round, his stepfather had his cock out. John gasped, and his step-father walked towards him. "Now I'm not planning to to tell anyone about you little secret John, but I have something that needs seeing to, I'm sure if you suck this then I won't accidentally mention what you do when she's out to your mother."

Fancy Dressing, Perhaps a Bit Too Accurately

Andrew laughed as he showed what his friend Alex was wearing under his skirt. "This is just a fancy dress contests and we are going as two girls; but the undies Alex is wearing are for his own benefit". Alex protested, "You need to get into the part". "Don't worry", said Andrew, "I'm also wearing a lacy corset with garters - and loving every moment, come on, lets go and break a few hearts".

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Fred Loves Crossdressing

Fred just can't help himself. He sees his alter-ego Wendy and just has to play with his dildo.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Another First

Suddenly Ted felt Jean's cock twitch and swell in his mouth, he pulled back and kissed and sucked the small opening as hot cum shot into his mouth. They both enjoyed their body swap sessions; but this was the first time that Ted had agreed to a blow-job.

David's Trials : Part 5.

When Dave got home, all of his old clothes had disappeared, and only women's clothes were in his wardrobe. The next day he had to wear a very short brown skirt, shiny pantyhose and a very tight top. His boss, who was being very nice to him, made he take notes in his office all day.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Intruder Alert

While Bill was enjoying some crossdressing 'me' time, he heard the crash of a window. In rushed an intruder who, taking him for a sexy girl, told him to kneel. The intruder took his clothes off and told Bill that he was going to give him the fucking of his life. Bill stood up and quickly overpowered the intruder and pinned him face down on the floor. "Now for that fuck you promised me" said Bill as he rammed his cock deep into the intruder's arse.

David's Trials : Part 4.

When Dave arrived at the office, there was a great deal of wolf whistling. His heels clicked across the office as he was shown into his manager's office. "Here Dave, a bag sent by you wife. Your current outfit will be too distracting. Get changed then come back here." Dave went into the restroom and changed into the new smart business outfit his wife had sent. He then confidently walked back to his bosses office to find out what his new duties will be.

Friday, 7 August 2009

A New Convert

Michael's and Sarah's mother walked in while they were playing dressup. "What are you two doing?" "We found these outfits in your wardrobe mom", said sarah. "Sarah, what have you done to Mikey?" "Oh, he wanted to wear the maid outfit, so I gave him a wig and put some makeup on him". "Mom, I feel so pretty", said Michael, "please don't make me take it off just yet. Can I have an outfit like this of my own?" His mother didn't know what to do - but he did look kinda cute.

Getting into Character

"I'm worried about Andrew", said his mother, "all his brothers are going as dwarves to this Disney fancy dress party, but he seems to be enjoying the Snow White outfit a bit too much".

Table Turned

"No, don't make me go out in this" cried George, "it's completely see-through." But his wife was not in the mood to compromise, George had made her go out looking like a tart for some years now and it was time for pay-back. She had caught him dressing up in her clothes a few days ago and she had quickly taken some photographs. She threatened to send them to all his friends at the golf-club unless he did what she asked. She wanted him to know how it felt to go out dressed like this and see how much respect he got. She was wearing a conservative little cocktail dress and they were off to a club.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Almost Ready

Todd sat in the bathroom and stared at himself in the mirror. His wife had done a good job and now he just had to slip the dress on and they were ready for the party. His wife was wearing a tuxedo, slicked back short hair and a false mustache. This was going to be an interesting night he thought.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Lessons in Love

Jim's wife had known about her husband's secret cross-dressing fantasies for many years. As a special treat, she brought home a hunky guy early when she had told him she would be out until late. Sure enough, there he was. Wonderful make-up and very stylish clothes. "Honey, I can explain..". "No need Jim", his wife said, "I know, and look what I have for you as a special treat". She then proceeded to show Jim how to give the perfect blow-job.
The thing is, the hunky guy wasn't satisfied with a blow-job, and Jim's little secret would be out if his skirt was raised, so Jim's wife had to fuck him while Jim watched.

Being Taken for a Ride

Son Caught

Richard's father came home to find him wearing his mother's clothes. Richard started crying with embarrassment and shame. His father was stunned by how much he looked like his wife when she was young. He told him to get changed and they'd not speak about it again. As it happens, his father had come home early to dress up himself.

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