Friday, 17 July 2009

David's Trials : Part 2.

Dave's second task was to go to the park dressed in stockings and heels and to allow his wife to photograph his stocking tops. He was worried that he might be recognized, but his wife assured him that nobody would take him for anything other than a beautiful girl. A work colleague of his worked past and asked his wife haw she was and where Dave was. His wife pointed at Dave and said, "Here he is, isn't he lovely?" David couldn't believe what she just said. "No problems Dave", his colleague said, "you look great - maybe you should come in to work like that." "That's a great idea" his wife said.


  1. Cool caption!!!! she should go to work like that...

  2. It's what will happen *after* he gets to work that could prove oh so deliciously interesting.



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