Saturday, 25 July 2009

David's Trials : Part 3.

"So what do you want me to do in this outfit , clean the house?", said Dave. "No dear", said his wife, "these are your work clothes, you are going to the office right now". "What in this? You've got you be kidding!". "No dear, here's Gary now to drive you - have a nice day". Gary came in, "Dave - you look great - come on". He dragged him to the car (allowing him to put on a raincoat first). "You're going to be a hit in the office buddy".

Sister Envy

Bill loved to sneak into his sister's room and try on here clothes; but this time there was a problem, the zipper has stuck so he was trapped in this outfit. He couldn't tear it because she would know what he had been doing. He struggled for an hour trying to free the zipper - then he heard the door, he was trapped in her room and she was coming up the stairs and there was nowhere to hide. This is going to take some explaining.

Friday, 17 July 2009

David's Trials : Part 2.

Dave's second task was to go to the park dressed in stockings and heels and to allow his wife to photograph his stocking tops. He was worried that he might be recognized, but his wife assured him that nobody would take him for anything other than a beautiful girl. A work colleague of his worked past and asked his wife haw she was and where Dave was. His wife pointed at Dave and said, "Here he is, isn't he lovely?" David couldn't believe what she just said. "No problems Dave", his colleague said, "you look great - maybe you should come in to work like that." "That's a great idea" his wife said.

David's Trials : Part 1.

David's first task for his dominant wife was to lure a straight guy home and have sex with him. He was so sexy, that this guy didn't stand a chance, before he knew it Dave's cock had slid down his throat. David clamped his victim's head tight and spurted deep in his mouth. His wife just sat and played with herself as she watched.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Wife's Revenge

John's wife begged that she could crossdress him before making love - eventually he agreed and was secretly quite excited at the idea. He smiled at this hot girl is sexy clothes and high heels looking at him from the mirror.

The doorbell rang, "I'll get that, you step inside the cupboard until they go" his wife said.
"You can't answer the door like that - you look like a hooker".
"Don't worry, get in the cupboard".
He did as he was told. He heard his brother come in. He had been having an affair with his brothers wife - but they had been very discrete.
He noticed they had stopped talking so he looked through a gap in the door and saw them kissing. His wife undid his brother's trousers and slid them to his ankles and took his cock in her mouth. After a while he pulled her to her feet backed her to the sofa and laid her down. He then started to pound her and John, all dressed up, could do nothing about it.
She turned her head and looked at him then orgasmed hard and loudly.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Reluctant Model

Dick woke up feeling very groggy but suddenly realized that he couldn't move his hands or legs. He was in a pitched black room. He also felt he was being squeezed tightly around the waist and he had something in his mouth that he couldn't remove. He thought he was dreaming. Suddenly he saw a enormous flash and heard the click of a camera. Then all was dark. He really couldn't tell if he was awake or asleep. He then felt a prick in his arm. That morning he rolled over to his sleeping wife. "I had the strangest dream darling", she rolled over with a smile "Did you dear? never mind, it's time for work." Is was only when he got to the bathroom that he noticed that his body had no hairs.


James had been feminized by his wife and lover and was now forced to wear a corset. The lover tugged and tugged at the cords until James could hardly breath. He started to feel giddy with the lack of air, but he pulled tighter. He then tied off the corset with a tight knot. "I'm afraid this won't be coming off from now on" said the lover laughing to himself.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Drive Home

Driving home from the Transvestite night club, Jim's car coughed and then stopped. 10 miles from home and only a pair of heels he suddenly felt very helpless.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Cruel Sister

John's sister and boyfriend had come home unexpected and caught him dressed up in her underwear. She was outraged, not only that he wore women's clothes, but he wore her clothes. They tied him up so that his parents would find him. He started to cry as he heard them drive off.

When Three is Not a Crowd.

When Brian's wife and her sister came in he knew that they were plotting something. They asked if he was up for a little fun, and he said he was. They went upstairs and came down 20 minutes later dress as bunny girls. "You can have us both on one condition." Brian agreed to whatever the condition was, but when he saw that they held up a third outfit, he was a bit nervous. "Come on silly, you'll love it." So Brian went along with the girls and had a wonderful evening.

After School Punishment

Mr Jackson had been very strict on the girls in his class all term. This particular day he kept 7 of them back as a punishment for poor grades. The girls had other ideas though. They pinned him to the floor and removed all his clothes, they then dressed him is a silky blouse, tight little skirt, fishnet stockings and high heels. They tied him to a chair, cut his hair in a girlie cut and gave him a make-over. They then took pictures on their mobile phones. "I think our grades will be improving now, don't you think ... miss? Or maybe these photos might end up being sent around the ret of the school. Now, it's time to have a little fun."

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