Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Attacked and Transformed

Jack was just standing there when his shirt started to shrink and open up at the front. His tie fell to the floor and his pants quickly withdrew up his legs to form a tiny skirt. "What's happening!" he shouted. A pair of nylons flew across the floor and slid up his legs and as they did his legs we transformed into smooth and shapely women's legs. Garters slid down from his waist and attached firmly to the stockings. His cock tingled and started to shrink. "Jesus, what's happening to me?" he cried, but now in a girls voice and not his own. A pair of silver pumps slipped onto his dainty feet, his breasts swelled and his hair fell down his back. He was completely unable to remove any of these clothes that had attacked and transformed him. He tried desperately to remove the heels but to no avail. Suddenly he had an overwhelming tingling from his newly formed clitoris. He needed be fucked, it disgusted him to think he wanted to have a man make love to him, but he wanted it badly.

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  1. I have to find out where he, er...she shops.



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