Saturday, 23 May 2009

Reluctant Ballerina

Jim's wife had come in and caught him wearing her ballet dress - he was standing there are her bar looking at himself in the mirror. She was furious and quickly took out here phone and took a picture of him. Startled, he spun round, but he couldn't explain, he had been caught. She asked what his co-workers would think of this picture.
She decided to teach him a lesson. On threat of e-mailing the picture to his office, she made him shave his legs and then gave him a full make-over and a wig. He looked rather hot. She took a few more pictures But when he complained that he didn't like it, she took out her ballet tights and some pointe shoes. She made him put on the tights and then stitched the shoes around his ankles so that they couldn't be removed.

She then tied some thin wire to his wrists and pulled it through a hook in the ceiling so that he had to balance on his toes. She tied the wire off and left him teetering on his toes. "That will teach you to wear my clothes", she said. "Where are you going, don't leave me like this - my toes hurt like hell". "I'm off to the shops, I'm buying you some clothes of your own to wear around the house, I'm not having you wear mine." Jim was trapped, the photos she had would destroy his career, he was going to be her sissy ballerina from now on.

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