Sunday, 31 May 2009

Like Father Like Son

Whilst going through a box of family photos, Tom found a photograph of his father dress as a woman wearing enormous false breasts. "I guess this runs in the family" he thought, "but I've sure got some practicing to do to get to dad's standard".

Back from the Club

Leaving the crossdressing club late, Jeff did not have time to switch back into his male persona. The cab driver seemed to appreciate his legs - if only he knew.


Jim touched where his cock had once been. He had been crossdressing imagining he was a beautiful woman, but then he experienced a sudden pain. When it subsided he was left like this. "What will my wife say? She loves sex with a man". He started to sob - he was stuck and his life had changed forever.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Contest

George complained that his wife was not as good at blowjobs as she could be. She responded by saying she would never give him one again. She then suggested a competition. If he could make a man cum faster than she could she would give him a blowjob whenever he asked. After a week he gave in and agreed. His wife dressed him and made him up to look like a beautiful girl, they then went to a club and picked up two guys. They went back to their place and set to work. George (on the left) got straight to it and took a burst of hot cum down his throat before his wife had even got started. After she had finished they made their excuses and left in a hurry.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Careful What You Wish For

When Jack asked for his third wish that he should be able to suck his own cock, this was not quite what he had imagined. He was a beautiful girl and there was himself standing in front of him.

Discovery at School

James was always very quiet at school. When Sister Mary went into see why he had missed the morning classes she found some very silky stockings in his room. He stood on the other side of the room with panda eyes as he had rushed to remove his mascara.

Why Sex Before Marriage Might Be a Good Idea

On their wedding night Tom was finally going to have sex with his bride who refused to have sex before they married.
As she stood over him, still in her dress she showed him her cock. "Tom, I really love you, but I'm a man."
Tom couldn't believe it, he had married a man, if he told everyone he would be a laughing stock. He was now stuck married to a shemale wife.

Realistic Dream

Rick was having this very strange dream, he had waves of pleasure sweeping over him, but he felt at if the sensation was coming from deep within him rather than from his cock. As he started to wake the sensations continued but he heard a buzzing sound. He woke and looked down. To his horror he had the body of a girl and he had a vibrator jammed deep into him. Was this a dream or had he been changed magically while he slept?

Getting Into the Role

Dave and his wife were invited to a costume party. His wife decided that he should go as a sexy girl. He agreed as long as he could wear a mask to protect his identity.
His wife spend hours shaving him and making his make-up perfect. He squeezed into a clingy little dress, stockings and heels. I can't go outside like this he gasped when he looked in the mirror; but secretly he was incredibly turned on by the idea of being looked at and desired by other men.
At the party he was a hit with all the guys, and after a few drinks he really got into the role.

Reluctant Ballerina

Jim's wife had come in and caught him wearing her ballet dress - he was standing there are her bar looking at himself in the mirror. She was furious and quickly took out here phone and took a picture of him. Startled, he spun round, but he couldn't explain, he had been caught. She asked what his co-workers would think of this picture.
She decided to teach him a lesson. On threat of e-mailing the picture to his office, she made him shave his legs and then gave him a full make-over and a wig. He looked rather hot. She took a few more pictures But when he complained that he didn't like it, she took out her ballet tights and some pointe shoes. She made him put on the tights and then stitched the shoes around his ankles so that they couldn't be removed.

She then tied some thin wire to his wrists and pulled it through a hook in the ceiling so that he had to balance on his toes. She tied the wire off and left him teetering on his toes. "That will teach you to wear my clothes", she said. "Where are you going, don't leave me like this - my toes hurt like hell". "I'm off to the shops, I'm buying you some clothes of your own to wear around the house, I'm not having you wear mine." Jim was trapped, the photos she had would destroy his career, he was going to be her sissy ballerina from now on.

Friday, 22 May 2009


Roger opened his eyes. "Ugh", he groaned and thought, "I must have fallen. I did have too much to drink last night. I remember now, I picked up this girl in the club." He suddenly realized he was wearing stockings heels a corset and a pearl necklace. His hair was long, his nail too. "Shit what's happened to me?", he said but in a female voice not his own. He looked in the mirror. "It's her, the girl last night". He found a note under the mirror:
"Dear Roger, I am going to have to borrow your body for a while, don't hurt me and don't get me pregnant whatever you do. Back in a couple of weeks. Have fun, Susan xxx"

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

"John - I told you once, I won't tell you again - suck his fucking cock!" John's wife had caught him dressed as a girl when she turned up unexpectedly with her lover. The lover grabbed him and his wife took photos on her phone. She then blackmailed him to suck off her lover while she took some better photos. He looked at her half pleading - half in disgust. "You want to be a girl - you need to act like one - now get sucking". He slowly lowered himself for his final humiliation. "You better enjoy it - with these photos you'll be doing this often from now on - come on, take it all in".

Wife Goes Too Far

Andrew's wife had insisted that for the Rocky Horror Party she would dress him and do his make-up. But when he looked at himself in the mirror after she had done he was shocked and frightened. He thought that he would look silly - add with some balloons up his jumper for effect and he'd be done. This was too freaky though. He was stunning, his cock was getting hard at his own image.

Spotted by a Lorry Driver

James loved to wear stockings, a silky slip and skirt but a normal guys jumper. He would drive out of his house and cruise around in his convertible car. Today he was in trouble. There was a traffic jam and as he stopped, a lorry drew up along side him. He tried to hide his girlie bottom half but the trucker had seen him. Fortunately, he was moving quicker than the driver and was able to get away.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Maid for a Day

Tony had lost the bet, so had to be a maid for his sister's party. After what seemed hours of making up and squeezing into a very tight corset he was ready to put on the dress, but his sister insisted on a photograph first.

Three Friends

Bored one evening, the three friends decided to sneek into Dick's Mom's room to see her silky underwear. Unknown to even Dick is that his Mom was a witch and had years previous caught his Dad wearing her panties. She cast a spell on her clothes so that anyone wearing them would turn into a girl. The spell had long been forgotten, his Dad had stopped wearing her clothes and the matter was at an end.
Dick's friends made him put on some pantyhose and bam! he was a girl. The clothes on the bed flew onto him and as he started to walk a pair of heels snapped onto his feet. "Help me." said Dick. But his friends were now too busy feeling his new tits.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Caught by a Tranny Chaser

Jim was a straight crossdresser who enjoyed going to clubs in the weekend. This time he was followed home. The guy threatened to wake the neighbors, so Jim had to let him in. He wouldn't take no for an answer, so Jim had to let him fuck his ass.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

A Present for His Wife

Charles, a long suffering husband had after years of abuse been turned into a woman by his dominant wife. But as a punishment, he bought a magic spell and gave her an enormous cock. That'll stop her fucking well-hung men he smiled. His wife was not happy. Still, Charles in his new girlie form allowed her to fuck him. This was the first time they had had sex for many years, so there they were stuck in their new bodies but able to enjoy fabulous sex with each other.

The Suit Takes Over

He felt the suit start to melt over his own skin. He desperately grabbed for the zipper, but it was now just a small bump at the back of his neck. His breasts were already full and he could feel his cock start to twitch as it was being pulled back into his body.

Ancient Spell

James found an old book of transforming spells in a junkshop. He gave it a go not thinking it would work. He had to dress in girls clothes and get his cock very hard then chant the spell. Nothing seemed to happen though. Still, it was just as well, the second volume that undid the spells had been lost many years ago.

In the Judges Office

The judge had a little secret which he used to his advantage with some of the defendants. His own form of perverting the course of justice. He knew they wouldn't say anything, these men would do anything for a shorter sentence.

Wife Comes Home Early

Friday, 8 May 2009

Locked in a Corset

His wife had locked him in the corset and there was no escape. He could hardly breathe. This wasn't what he has expected when he agreed to go to the fancy dress party.

Sunday, 3 May 2009


George used to love trying on his wife's stockings and slipping into her high-heels. He didn't think she had noticed. But when he put the necklace on which was new and he just couldn't resist he suddenly felt a sharp pain. He fell to the floor writhing in pain as his whole body was reshaped. His wife had bought a magic necklace which had changed him into a girl. He heard the door open and his wife and her lover appeared.
"Ah, Georgina, this is Gavin from the office. He's wonderful in bed and will be staying tonight - I'd like you to stay and join in, then perhaps tomorrow we can think about getting you some clothes and a job."

Friday, 1 May 2009

Feminized Victim Allowed to have Sex With Girl

Jim had been feminized, turned into a girl and forced to wear silky lingerie. But he was still straight inside his girlie body. He was living with Tom now, but Tom still allowed him to have sex with lesbian women - just as long as he could watch.

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