Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A Change of Heart

Tom slipped the last shoe on John's foot. The transformation was completed, pills had taken effect and there sat his date for the night. John was still pretty pissed about losing the bet, but a deals a deal. "The effect of the pills will wear off on about 12 hours and you'll be back to normal", said Tom, "Enjoy it." He started to run his fingers up John's silky smooth nylons. "Whoa there, you'll snag me up, and besides, those pills haven't made me gay." Tom continued anyway and started stroking John's new bulge-less crotch. John experienced jolts of pleasure that made him moan involuntarily. He moved her panties to one side and inserted a finger into John's now very wet pussy. He rubbed his clit with his thumb. "Fuck me", said John, "Fuck me now and fuck me hard."

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