Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Magic Necklace

Once Rick put on the necklace his body began to change. His frame became smaller, he got shorter, his hips widened, his masculine chest first shrunk, then the flesh began to grow until he finally developed a pair of firm, round breasts. His cock began to shrink and the sensitivity heightened as the nerve endings were concentrated into one tiny spot. He then felt a sucking sensation as his pussy formed deep inside his body. He stood up and he was a girl. A very beautiful girl.
He put on a jeans and a tee-shirt and sneakers which were way to big and went off to the shops for some clothes. While he was at the mall he slipped into the restroom and changed into some stockings, heels, and a little summer dress he had bought. He then went for a make-over and bought some make-up.
As he came out from his make-over a tall good looking guy started to talk to her. They went for a meal and then back to his place where he had sex as a woman for the first time. He loved it. He decided that he will remain as a girl and decided to get a job the following day.

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